Hobbit movie in a Japanese theatre


I went to watch the Hobbit, Battle of fives armies yesterday at a Japanese movie theatre. It was subbed in Japanese. Since my first language is not English it was still a bit hard to understand but I liked the movie!

My Christmas Starbucks

Wow, it was a busy day! My friend taught me how to ride a moped, then I dropped off friends at the airport and went Christmas shopping. I tried to get all my errands done, too but after a time I was too tired to hurry around more. I got some starbucks and went home for dinner!


Weird Japanese Coupons



I found this at the store in my town! This is a
Coupon for a company coming to clean your bathroom! It cost 17000¥. That’s either a really awesome or really weird gift…

Doctor Who season 8


I just finished watching the 12th’s doctor’s first season and I must say it’s not as good as the last seasons with 9-11. I mean when the 11th first showed up it took some time to impress me, too but after the incredible pond- river song- silence story line and the mystery of the impossible girl I am a bit disappointed in Moffat’s season 8. I hope they whip up a good story line with a good twist for season 9. The episodes with Missy were cool but still didn’t live up to the glorious Doctor Who legacy. I think my favorite episode is the one with the mummy on the orient express.

Well, let’s see what 2015 brings. I’m back to watching White Collar. I’m almost caught up!

Pretty Fukuoka sunset




Pictures from my last days in Fukuoka

Whovian sign


So true!

Nice thank you card from my friends


I joined a friend’s wedding this summer in Germany and they sent me a Thank you card all the way from Germany! So great!

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