Starbucks on my day off


I don’t get too many days off so when I actually have time to go shopping and explore I like to take starbucks along. On Monday I got a English Breakfast Latte. It was so good! I wish Starbucks was more reasonable!

Mr Donuts

Today is a wonderful day so I am at my favorite Donut store with my friends enjoying some 100¥ Donuts. (About 89€cent). These are waff creme and golden choco donuts. One of my favorites!


New steal for 900¥

I love my new shoes! I got them from Shimamura for around 7€!


My weekly obsession

I am so stoked I found this here in Japan! They had this at a store that carries a lot of import stuff. Febreze Linen and sky! It smells like fresh laundry! I put it on all my stuff (hihi)


140¥ Milk tea


I always wondered about this milk tea and I finally bought it! I really wanted to get it for quite some time. It’s 140¥ though and I think cheaper ones would taste as good!


I love theme parties! I went to a Lord of the rings birthday party! I was Gandalf!

Shopping at a Vegetables stand



Lots of Food from good local stores! Vegetables in Japan are expensive but if you choose the farmers markets you get good deals!

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