The Japanese cream pasta miracle 

 Let’s face it. As Europeans it’s fairly hard to find satisfying pasta in Japan. We are used to the Italian Pasta and it’s very though to match that. I don’t usually eat pasta dishes in Japanese restaurants, not without salt and pepper anyways.

Then I went to Ondish, a restaurant located in Naha, Okinawa and a friend told me to her their cream pasta and chicken. And I gotta say, this one was actually delicious and I was very happy with my choice! 

Doctor Who: Under the lake Review

Episode 3 of the new Doctor Who season. 

Peter Capaldi and Clara travel to a research station down deep in the water where Ghosts haunt the crew. 

A thrilling episode that kind of reminds me of the David Tennant episodes where the 10th travelled to spaceships and space stations all the time, just to find them terrorized by some kind of monster. Even though this episode is exciting, it doesn’t quite come close to the Tennant Adventures. Under The Lake is s 2 part story and the cliff hanger was pretty good and I’m exited to see how it will be resolved.

Doctor Who Review: The Witch’s familiar 

Slight spoilers ahead…

Episode 2 of Season 9. A bit too much talk but it wouldn’t be Who if the Doctor and his nemesis weren’t engaged in a Talk- who plays who- I knew all along- battle. That basically sums up how Davros is taken care of.

Michelle Gomez aka Missy did a fantastic job- like always. I think she is a bit crazy anyways. If she weren’t the re-encarnated master I would want her to play the Doctor’s companion at some point. Well… Since Clara will leave the Show end of this year, there might be a spot open for her character to travel along the Doctor for some time, like River Song did.

All in all, a good episode. It was fun getting an inside look into the Daleks. I have hope for this season to be a lot better than the last, which is my least favorite Doctor Who season so far.

But I’m a little torn between liking and despising the Doctor’s new sonic sunglasses. I hope they design a cool new screwdriver for him. They can’t seriously write it out of the show. It’s like Superman without his cape… What do you think?

Mugi-cha & Salt bread

My snack the other day as I was out, shopping. Wheat-tea and a yummy salty bread roll. There was actually salt on the top and salty butter inside.

Good bread is hard to find in Japan but many supermarkets have bakeries now that make fresh breads so you do not have to go to the expensive bakeries. Try checking out the newer Malls, especially Aeon!



Boulevard Make-up set

My love!!! Since I got it this summer in Germany I haven’t used it much because of the heat here in the south of Japan. The humidity makes the summer almost unbearable and you really can’t wear a lot of makeup. But the September is a bit cooler now and I can do more with make up without dying as I put it on or sweating it off in the very half hour after I leave the house. I love the colors. I do more than wig the Reds but I want to try the blue and purple shades too! 



Buying vegetables in Japan

 Getting your greens for a cheap price is such a challenge! It’s frustrating to walk into a store and to not be able to afford a small pack of snap peas. These here were only 88¥ so I got lucky! They were on sale and still really fresh.

Doctor Who: The Magician’s apprentice REVIEW

If you haven’t watched the first episode of Doctor Who’s season 9 and don’t want to be spoiled, do not read beyond this paragraph! The first episode was amazing! I didn’t have high expectations because season 8 was rather weak but the first episode of the new season was really good!

Missy is back, Clara is back, the Doctor is preparing for his death- with a 3 week long party somewhere in time. Missy is looking for him and makes Clara help her find him. The Doctor seems to know what’s coming. He lost his Screwdriver, even sent his last will to Missy. Unexpectedly the three encounter Daleks and are brought as prisoners to their home planet where the events turn and twist, leaving the Doctor face to face with his arch enemy Davros who seemingly exterminate Clara, the Tardis and Missy. We find out that it was the Doctor’s doing that Davros exists and he now makes his way to the past to take his enemies’ life before he can even grow up to become the creator of the Daleks.


The episode ends in a cliff hanger. I’m exited for episode 2! I hope the season keeps the speed. The beginning of the episode was really good- it feels like the Matt Smith episodes in season 6 which were epic!!!!

Good things to come, I hope!

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