Beautiful Tel Aviv

Israel is amazing. The weather is stunning! On top of that I am enjoying great fellowship, food and adventures. It is nice being back at the Mediterranean Sea, too! Lots of childhood memories!!!

Clinique saves my hurting skin

Say what you want about prices but investing in a Clinique moisturizing lotion really pays off. I’m in Israel and the air is dry compared to Okinawa. My skin has a hard time adjusting and is really itchy, dry and red. I used this lotion from Clinque on my legs and the skin immediately moisturized and got better. I’m still not all there but at least the itchiness stopped 

When you travel, you grow

It is so easy to just sit back and relax and do nothing with your day. I love a day of rest like any other. 

But since I travel the world I have understood that knowledge is indeed power. Traveling gives you knowledge of the world and it increases the power and self control you have on yourself. As you see the cities fly by beneath you and the different people of various cultures greet you, you realize how small your own world is.

Your neighborhood appears tiny and even bland, the things you eat, wear and like are just a glimpse of the vast variety of products all over the world. 

Seeing the world frees you to see yourself in a different light and in comparison to everyone else on this planet. It leaves you in awe and it excites you like nothing else.

I would not trade it for any other thing.

It’s been a while 

I’m super busy so I hadn’t had the time to post. I’m traveling right now so I take a break from work. I hope I have more time to post things on my journeys throughout Europe!

TV Show: The Office 

My friend told me to check out the American version of The office. I started watching it and I really got sucked into it. Some of the episodes are definitely better than others. I’m not a big fan of some of the scenes they portray but all in all I really like the humor. 

One of those days | Redbull

I’m so tired today. Luckily Japan sells Redbull here so I grabbed one at a Konbini to get my adternoon’s work done! 

I found ‘Essence’ make up in Japan!

 Look at this beautiful summery blush I found! Essence is a German brand (I think… That’s what it says on the back of the products) but I found it in a Japanese import store. The prize was even a bit better than in Germany, probably because of the high taxes in the homeland. 

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