MK Shabu Shabu restaurant 

Today’s lunch was incredible! We went to a Shabu Shabu restaurant. It’s called MK and is located in Shingu, Fukuoka- right by the station. It cost about 1600¥ and was soooo worth it. Shabu Shabu is a Nabe dish. Soup is boiled in a pot and different ingredients are added, cooked and eaten. Love it!

Harry Potter Movie Night 

Hey everyone,

My back is killing me. I worked out this morning and my muscles are already sore. We watched the Borne ultimatum tonight in our dorm but now I gotta rest and chill with the 6th Harry Potter movie. I am almost done with the audio book and wanted to watch the movie again. 

NYX makeup spotted in Japan 

My day just got better! I found NYX makeup in Fukuoka. 

IKEA breakfast 

As you might know: I live in Fukuoka and we have an IKEA here. I got the 2,99¥ breakfast. It was pretty good! Drink bar was included!

Swiss Choco

My friend gave me this. I’m sooo excited! It tastes rich and smooth!

Found Pink Lady Apple in Japan


Wow, i was so stoked and then disappointed! I bought a pink lady Apple but it didn’t taste the same as those in Europe.

But it was worth a try!

Ice cream in a Hot dog bun





Wow, this is the weirdest ice cream combo I ever had. Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce in a hot dog bun. from Ikea

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