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I wanted to use this platform to write about my daily life, the things I like and the things that I do here in Japan. I like reading, writing, movies, travels, beauty, art and Japan. I didn’t really want to share too much of myself but I have been running this blog for so long and it has become an outlet for me- I wanted to start asking you guys what you would like to read. 

What do you want me to blog and write about?

I live and work in Japan since 6 years. I live with Japanese and Americans and speak 4 languages (every European does in a sense, haha): German, English, French, Japanese (in the order I learned it: French and Japanese are my weaker languages but I try my best.)

I am a Media designer but do not work in that area anymore. I am a teacher at a Christian school on Okinawa, Japan which is south from Kyushu and the most southern prefecture of the country. I travel a lot and lead groups of students to different places in Japan.

Let me know, what you would like me to post about. If you want to get in contact, have questions about Japan or something else you have read on my blog, comment below!

Thanks for reading 


What every country really needs: Milk tea 

Seriouly? How can milk tea just be an Asian thing? It’s sooooo good. I had Milk tea in Hong Kong- wow! From another world!!!!! Asians are truly the masters of tea! 
My favorite Japanese brand is the Lipton one. The regular Milk tea is great and I even found Banana Milk tea in Kagoshima. But I’m not a big fan of Banana flavored milk. Sorry, my Korean fans! I know, it’s big in Kakoku! 

But when I dropped off one of my students at the airport I found Royal tea latte with mint at the Family mart there. And that is literally the BEST Milk tea I ever had. I’m not a fan of mint at all but the taste is so subtle that it even completements the taste of the milk tea! 

A friend told me a few weeks ago that the difference between Milk tea and Royal milk tea is that they boil the milk with the tea when making Royal. Normal milk tea us the milk added later. Wow, didn’t know that! 

Long story short: loved it! Wish I had it here in Okinawa!

Music: Kyle & Devin

I’m obsessed with their music, guys! I wish they’d bring out an album! Spotify doesn’t work here in Japan- so I literally can’t get their new song compass other than on YouTube. I hope they put it on iTunes soon. 

Urasoe Castle Ruins 

We went sightseeing the other day on Okinawa and found this spot with this amazing view over the city of Ginowan. I know concrete houses are not the prettiest but the island suffers from lots of typhoons and the houses need to be solid so people can live safely in their homes. Safety before beauty   

Amway face cleanser

 The sun is beating down on us here in the south. At night I just want to fall right into bed in my AC room. But my skin needs to cool down, too! My mom sent me this cleanser and I am yet to find out how to use it. Does anyone know? Is it a face wash or do I use it with a cotton? Both things work and seem good for my skin, but what is the proper way?


Lazy dinner.

Too lazy and also too sick to make something fancy. Jello soda, Edamame, rice and scrambled eggs! Rice topping: Mayo tuna with cabbage and cut vegetables.  

Volcano Sakurajima 

Sakurajima is one of Japan’s active volcanos. It’s located in the bay of Kagoshima city and steams and smokes daily. You can see the top often covered in clouds that come from the volcano itself. 100 years ago the eruption was so strong that the lava created new land and connected the volcano to Kagoshima. Now people live on Sakurajima, go to school there, work and even farm a bit, even though only 10% of the island’s grounds are suitable for farming. The last lava erruption was about 70 years ago.


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