Nailpolish #2

Love this one! Put it on right before I walked to work! It dried on the way! The color is cute, too!



Doing my laundry

Today is laundry day! I got a washer at my dorm but I gotta work to the laundry mat for a dryer. I’m sitting in my kanji class right now, studying some good basic 1-2 grade Kanjis!


A new workday… and my nail polish is chipping off

Today is friday and I will be cooking for potluck tonight. That will be a feast! I like cooking for the school. Tonight I will cook Curry. I don’t like curry that much, but the Japanese love it!

My nailpolish is chipping off already (sad day) and I don’t know if I have time to put on new one tonight. I will get home late (around 10) and two new guests will be moving into our dorm. So, I might have to move my next nail experiment until tomorrow!


Like a Boss

My Japanese is far from fluent, even though I lived here for 4 years now. But I live in a Japanese/ American environment, so it is a lot harder to learn Japanese if you speak English all day.

I looked up what “Like a boss” means in Japanese and confirmed what I found with one of the girls that live in my dorm!

“Bosu no yona” is how you say “Like a boss” in Japanese.

She laughed XD

I love Nailpolish


Well I’m trying out all the different nail polishes a lady has donated to our dorm. First one: almost empty and smells kinda funky. But I like the color!


This is how it looks like!!!! Oyakodon! Super good!


Well “hello”

This is my first post and I am excited about my new blog! I will post all kinds of things- girly stuff, random thoughts, funny occurances and of course: the lifestyle of Japan! I’m a resident of Japan since 2009, loving the culture and the people!

Please forgive any typos! My first language is actually not English, I’m from Europe. I learned British English in school and I am influenced (even right now) by a lot of Americans- so my English is not so British anymore!

This  is it for now. I actually have to get back to work and then, after some good Japanese Oyakodon (literally “parent-and-child donburi”, a Japanese rice bowl dish, with chicken and egg) I’m off!