Drama: Atashinchi no Danshi



The main actress you can see on the picture (Maki Horikita) is pretty popular, therefore this Drama is quite famous. She is one of the  more successful Japanese actors in the Drama, Movie and Advertisement world of Japan. This Drama was nice to watch but I haven’t really felt the urge to start it again.

The Story: Maki Horikita plays a homeless girl in this Drama who enters a marriage with an old rich guy, who dies soon after they get married. He has adopted 6 good looking boys in his lifetime who are now living togehter in his mansion- the girl that Maki plays, is now their “mother”. She has to move in with them and take care of the houshold. Of course, problems and a new love story comes along!

Thinking of it now, I think I was not that impressed with the story line! It’s a nice drama to watch but I wouldn’t count it as one of my favorites, actually. My personal rating is 6/10.


Sword Art Online


I have been watching SOA (Sword Art Online) lately and I was really into it! I just finished the season- great Japanese Anime! It’s about an online game where people log in though a nerv gear that connects the own mind with the game. But after 10,000 people went online they find out the horrible truth: they can’t log out! They are trapped in the virtual world and if they die in there, they die for real! What they have to do is to clear the game in order to get out!


A stop by my favorite ramen joint

Well on Saturday me and my friends went to my favorite ramen shop! Usually I like the little shops better than the ramen chain restaurants. My favorite soup base is Tonkotsu (the soup out of pig bone). But this shop sells Shoyu (Soy sauce) with Tonkotsu flavor. I guess they are adding it or something… My absolute favorite! Strong flavor but not too heavy!



My view today at 18:45! What a great sunset!


The odds of Japan: Vending machines


They are everywhere, available any time, storing all sorts of goods for you, waiting for you to throw your money at them- Japanese vending machines!!!!

If the Japanese government wanted to spy on people- the vending machines would be the perfect disguise- at least a dozen of ninjas would fit in there! But I really hope the Japanese vending machines hold only what the description tells us- and not some kind of spy weapon- which would be cool though- haha.

All jokes to the side: Japanese vending machines are everywhere- you always have the opportunity to get a drink for 105yen or up (usually 150yen), hot or cold, tea or soda, can or plastic bottle at any time of the day! A wonderful convenience to quench your thirst any time you want with anything you want!

That is one of the most outstanding things about the Japanese culture- they make things you need, things you want and things that make your life easier! And there are not just drink venders! In Tokyo the vending machines are crazy! You can get all sorts of goods there!

But as convenient as it seems: they are eating your money! It’s a lot cheaper to get a dink in the supermarket!

#1 sport in Japan


You see kids walking all over the place in baseball uniforms- going to practice on every day of the week! It’s Japan’s #1 sport! I actually watched a game for the first time a year ago. Still don’t quite get the rules…


I hope this thing is broken…


I’m right before my morning workout and I see this on my way out! I really hope this thing is broken. It gets humid here where I live in the summer but it’s only April!!!! I don’t want the heat to melt my face and my makeup off yet… (First world problems…)

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