Drama night curing my pain

I went swimming with my friends and cut my legs really bad! It hurts like crazy to walk so I can’t go workout tomorrow morning. That’s why I skipped dinner today… We had a big lunch and I wanted to workout tomorrow to burn all those calories. Well… I don’t even know how to go to sleep tonight without being in extreme pain! I won’t be able to turn around the whole night!

Well I shouldn’t complain so much and keep on watching Heartstrings… Kinda cures my pain a little bit!



My first time ordering tsukemen

There was this huge line in front of my favorite ramen place! For their 10th anniversary they served tsukemen for half price! This pig portion was just 440¥! Wow! It was my first time trying Tsukemen and I gotta say: I like Ramen more!

Tsukemen are noodles on a side- you dip the men (Japanese for noodles) in a thicker broth and eat it. In contrast ti ramen You don’t drink the broth but it’s only supposed to season your men and vegetables!


No coke light in Japan

An interesting fact: Here in Japan there ain’t no Coke Light! I have been around: from Sapporo, the very tip of Japan all the way through Touhoku, Tokyo, Iwakuni and Okinawa- andI have never seen a Coke Light here! It seems like the stores only sell Coke Zero! I really like Coke Light, especially the lemon version, so that’s a bummer… Coke tastes different here in Japan. It has less sugar than American or European Coke. The sodas in general have less sugar here, as well as the sweets!


Deathly Hollows earrings


Yes! I got them! The deathly hollows earrings from the 7th Harry potter book! I don’t know when I get to wear them though! I have plugs so I might have to think of something or wear them in my 2nd ear hole.

A funny meme


For all u ladies out there who love to dress up!

Plugs:Rainbow snail

Wow, so cool! I do want it!


K-pop: Infinite’s new album

I was so stoked seeing that one of my favorite bands Infinite (see K-pop: Infinite) came out with a new album called Destiny. Super excited to rent it! Here is one of their songs, that they uploaded on youtube already!

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