Yakiniku- the ultimate BBQ

Korean BBQ is known all throughout Asia and adapted in a lot of cultures here. It’s the greatest way to BBQ!

Yakiniku is the Korean BBQ version of Japan. Yaki means fried and niku means meat. So: fried meat (the essence of BBQ haha).

Here are a lot of yakiniku restaurants in Japan. Some are super cheap, some more expensive but serving better quality meat.

Viking is the word Japanese use to describe an all-you-can-eat buffet. And yakiniku is usually a Viking buffet, but often has a time limit of 60 or 90
minutes. U can sit down at a table that has a grill on it and fry all kinds of meats on it yourself. The buffet offers pork, chicken, beef, fish and sometimes others meats, as well as many sides like Chinese food, sushi, fried stuff,
rice, noodles, curry, fruit, salat, soup, drinks,ice cream etc.

A feast! If you like meat and if you are willing to spend some money, u can get great quality meat! The cheapest is usually 1000¥ (about 8 euro), the more expensive ones 2000¥ and up.




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