DramaCrazy shutting down


Many of you drama addicts probably use DramaCrazy.net to watch your dramas. Well, as you might have noticed: the website shut down yesterday (at least that’s when I recognized it). The staff left a note, saying that they decided to end their journey with Dramacrazy. For many the shutting down of this site is like a shock- they were the most popular Drama Streaming site on the net and a lot of fans are dissapointed, shocked and angry, that the staff decided to end DramaCrazy without a note. We don’t really know why they decided to end it. There are some theories out there, beginning with copy right problems, problems with the subbers all the way to the “we are sick of maintaining the website”- attitude.

Personally I don’t know how to think about it. I mean, it’s really sad they shut down. It was really convenient to have all my favorite movies and dramas on this on page with ratings, comments and stuff. But remember when myspace started to become funky and everbody left? What happened then? YES: facebook! Facebook became the biggest social network on the web- and replaced myspace pretty quick. Let’s be honest: we didn’t shed many tears over myspace. With DramaCrazy gone, there will be another website all the drama addicts will turn to- which will probably become better, faster and more convenient than DramaCrazy ever was. There is hole to be filled and the other streaming sites will see the chance to become the next DramaCrazy. So I think, we will all get over the fact that DramaCrazy’s journey ended!


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