Drama: Flower Boy Next Door


BORING! I think there is only one episode of this Korean drama I actually enjoyed and did not think: Okay, when do they stop being depressed, cold or sleepy? The only character i actually liked was the main lead… he is funny, happy and he is an incredible contrast to all the other characters in this rather depressing drama. It’s a love story, a uncommon one for sure. But the fact that it’s winter and the characters are freezing half of the drama bothered me! Many characters look depressed and tired most of the time, too. And then, on top of that, there were those moments when the main guy’s heart gets broken and you feel like there no joy left in this drama… The beginning seems like it has a lot to hold, but don’t let yourselves be fooled by that. That’s the first soap where I can actually say: I wasted my time! 2/10 points on my personal scale (The 2 points just for the main lead guy).

So what’s the story? Go Dok Mi is a shy girl with trust issues who locks herself up in her room and never leaves her apartment. One day she is caught spying on a guy next door by the young genius creative director Enrique Geum, who just moved into his brother’s apartment. His happy and outgoing nature is like medicine to Go Dok Mi’s introverted being. They become friends and soon- they even fall in love.


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