Japanese eye drops

I’m all into eye drops now and I bought a strong kind on accident- knocks you out! Hahaha. When I am sleepy and have a hard time waking up, I put these in and it burns the sleep out of your eyes. It has a cooling effect after a while- but I can’t take those all the time- it’s just too strong and my eyes tear and my makeup smears. Japanese are all into vitamin and cooking eye drops. They are super helpful- especially on the plane or after a long day!



Udon noodles

Well yeah… I’m eating noodles a lot lately. My last 2 posts were about noodles too!

Me and my friends went to a good and cheap udon shop! Udon noodles are a lot thicker than ramen and are served with a lighter soup. You can use the noodles for some other dishes too! Delicious!




Watching pasta and making pasta

I’m currently watching the Korean drama “Pasta” and yesterday I actually got to make pasta at work! I was preparing a pasta salad for an outing with my co-workers and friends. I felt kinda cool, getting to make pasta myself after watching a cooking drama for a few weeks now!



Ramen… Ramen…

We went out for a lot Ramen lately! The first pic shows one of my least favorite ramen. It was Soy sauce ramen (which is actually a good base broth, but the restaurant didnt make a good taste out of it).

The second picture shows one of my favorite ramen- it’s pig bone broth based- very delicious!



Zach and Cody

Don’t ask me what their real names are… Those are the Zach and Cody twins! They came to my city a week ago!!! I remember watching their show with my otototachi (younger brothers).




Mainland had it’s Obon festival a few weeks ago, Okinawa prefecture celebrates Obon this week. Obon is a festvial where the Japanese honor their dead. It is said that during Obon the ancestors visit their families to receive food and honor from them. This holiday comes from Buddhism and is celebrated with dances and drums. Many stores are closed and businesses shut down during this time. Right before Obon everyone is buying food and other goodies for their celebrations. I don’t celebrate Obon since I am a Christian. But I see and hear the festivals and celebrations going on from my house and my work place.

Vitamin water Zero- better than it looks

I tried this diet drink the other day and it was good! The taste is almost as good as the normal vitamin water!


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