Drama: Heartstrings



Heartstrings (also known as: You have fallen fore me) is a Drama with a cute and refreshing story! I really liked watching it! Everyone who has seen “You are beautiful” and wanted the main actress to end up with the second lead, would love this drama! C.N.Blue singer Jung Yong-hwa starrs Lee Shin in Heartstrings and does a very good job! Park Shin-hye also does a fabulous job starring Lee Gyu Won. I’m happy she gets to play a strong character in this drama and is not always stuck with the shy and timid roles.

The Story: Lee Shin, a talented guitarist but known as a rather cold hearted and distant person, attends the same college as the cheerful Lee Gyu Won. Always bumping into each other both of them develop a rather strange relationship of hate, one sided but eventually mutual love. The drama tells their story of struggle, finding themselves anew in different areas of music, jealousy, dealing with past loves and new enemies.

A cute drama, that really captivates! I have to say that many aspects of it drew me more and more into it. Please watch it, if you have the chance! Heartstrings also has a wonderful soundtrack! 9/10 points on my personal scale!



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