My hand hurts from an injury I had a few years ago and I hope this bandage and some k-drama will ease my pain. But the protagonist is getting beat up right now. He is in more pain!



Drama: Playful kiss


Weird title… I know! But not that bad of a drama! I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys will totally fall in love with this story! Playful kiss in the Korean version of “it all started with a kiss” and I personally gotta say that I love the actors! Both of the main actors are cute! The male lead is in Boys over flowers too! But let’s get to the story!

Playful kiss revolves around two high shool students whose characters and abilities are as night and day. Baek Seung-Jo is a genius of a student but also cold hearted towards anyone he regards as simple minded. Oh Ha-ni, a warm hearted and clumsy girl who had a crush on him for years makes the firs step and confesses her love to him- just to be rejected right away. She is crushed- but lifted in high spirit again when she and her Dad move in with Seung-Jo and his family. Ha-ni adores Seung-Jo and seems rather unimpressed by his harsh and cold words toward her. She clings on to him despite all difficulties and as soon as Seung-Jo knows it he has developed a deep care for her- and also a desire to share in her adventurous spirit. But he will not easily give in to his rebelling heart that tries to deny the feelings he is discovering.

The actors are great! And I love the main girl! She is really pretty! She is displayed as “not really pretty” in the drama but that is far off! She is adorable!!! The thing I don’t like about this drama is the constant rejection she gets. It drives me nuts! Why does she even bother to win his heart? He is the coldest and cruelest
guy ever! I mean, yeah, he has personal issues and needs to be drawn out of his shell and stuff but even when they get serious- he sill treats her like she is not really important. A guy should treasure and love his girl and not act like she is bothersome or a burden. The guy is supposed to chase after the girl!!!

If you don’t mind that part, go give it a
try! It’s okay if you have another opinion on it! I’m just the romantic type and I don’t like rejection and the feeling of not being worth anything to somebody else. There were defiantly very cute and heart melting scenes in there. Go give it a shot but prepare for Drama and stress ;) not a very relaxing Drama.

My points for this K-drama: 7/10

Japanese odds: the nylon towel for men

Just in case u men might feel awkward using a nylon shower towel… You are fine- it’s not girly!


A leap of faith

Oh man! I love trying new things! Even if I am disappointed in the end! I committed to trying out new ramen cups and I was disappointed so far. This cup looked good but it had a weird taste to it. It’s shoyu (soy sauce) based. ぜんぜんすきじゃない!zen zen suki janai! Didn’t like it at all. But is okay because I want to try out new things and make experiences. What is conformity good for? You feel save, right? You know you will like the cup of ramen you always get- but what if there is one way better out there? What if not? Well, than you know at least for sure! Cause you searched all opportunities out! My encouragement for this week: try out new things!


Boys over Flowers

It’s late and I am relaxing while watching Boys over Flowers. I still gotta write some more Drama entries! Coming soon!


Starting Boys over flowers

A long day lays behind me and some minutes if relaxation ahead before I go to bed. I started the Korean drama Boys over flowers a few days ago! Really enjoy it!



I just finished watching the Korean drama Playful kiss and I will be writing about it very soon!

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