Korean folk village

I went to a Korean folk village where a lot
of old style Korean dramas were filmed, such as The moon that embraces the sun,Seungkyungkwan Scandal,Rooftop prince and many more. I really enjoyed it and also watched a Korean traditional dance performance.








Korean scenery! Seoul, Incheon and Daejeon

Loves the scenery! Here are my best shots!







Korean food!

I was in Korea for 5 days in the area of Daejeon. When I was in Korea 4 years ago I didn’t like anything there- food wise- because I wasn’t really adjusted to Asian food. But this time it was different! I loved the food! Everything! Even kimchi!

This is pickled daicon! So tasty!

This soup with noodles reminded me of
Japanese cream stew!

This was delicious! The restaurant was called 5.5! This food was spicy!

Korean omurice omelet and kimchi!

By far my favorite! Fried pork on salad with bean sprouts, lettuce and raddish!

Korean facial wash! So good!

One thing I wanted to get while in Korea is facial treatment stuff- the stuff they have in Korea is similar to European things so I real lying enjoyed shopping! This is what I brought back!



Back from Korea!

I had a blast in Korea and I am super behind in posting! I loved every second and brought back cool stuff!


Treating your inflame ear holes

I had a hart time with my plugs lately. After wearing tight rubber plugs my ear holes got super infected and inflame. I’m on a 8mm (0g) hole right now- they were super sore. Talking about sharp pain, white puss and so forth. I know a lot of people deal with inflammation having plugs. Well now, after a 2 week treatment I am almost back to normal. And I will share the method with you.

I read online that you can treat the ear hole inflammation with chamomile tea. I tried it out an it worked! But there were a few things that were essential for the healing process. These are the steps!

1. Start wearing your softest plugs (I used rubber plugs which fold easily and which I don’t have to force into my ear- which is so painful when your ear holes are inflame). Take them out of your ears and put them in rubbing alcohol- for about 5-10min. (Yes I am using a sake cup haha)


2. Wash your hands with soap. Do not touch anything else during the cleaning process than your ears and your utensils. During the day, when you don’t clean them, do not touch your ears with unwashed hands at all. This was essential in my ear’s healing process.

3. Wash your ear holes with water only! Shampoo and soap is too irritating- especially if the skin is open! Do not put alcohol on your ear holes! Never! Even if they are healthy! Your skin is too sensitvie!

4. Boil water and put your chamomile tea bag in a bit of it- it doesn’t have to be a whole tea cup- the tea bag only has to be wet. Let the tea bag cool down before you put it on your ears- this sounds funny but works miracle. Press the tea back on your ear holes from the back and the front.


5. Use Q-tips (cotton tips or how ever you call them) to apply the tea inside your ear hole if your plug size is big enoug- do not force the q-tip in. The tea will start numbing your pain.


5. Wash the alcohol off your plugs (with water and soap) and carefully insert them into your ear holes. Apply some more tea on the outward on your ear holes.

6. Do this ever day- at least once. Best: after a shower. My ears got a lot better after I stopped touching my ears with dirt hands and disinfected my plugs.

If you found this post and find it helpful or if it worked with you too, please let me know and drop a comment below!


I am actually going to Korea in 2 weeks! I am so excited and stoked to visit South Korea for the 2nd time and I will take a lot of pictures for you guys! I was in Korea 4 years ago for a week of vacation- but back then I didn’t know anything about Korea and didn’t know what to expect. Now an opportunity came up to go again with some of my co-workers and friends. I am stoked! I will be pounding down some good Korean food and buy some cute stuff! So happy!