Drama: Boys over Flowers



I recently finished watching Boys over flowers, the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. I was familiar with the story line already but I gotta say I prefer the Japanese version over the Korean version. But let’s get to the story and some pros and cons.

The story:
Geum Jan-di, a poor but very confident and hard working girl attends the Shinwa high school, a school where rich kids are all over the place. Her classmates and especially the F4 team, a group of 4 good looking boys who dominate the school life are completely contrary to her. When standing her ground and trying to protect other students from harassment from the F4 boys, she becomes the group’s leaders target. His name is Goo Jun-pyo, a rather arrogant, self-centered, rich and violent young man, who is irritated by her behavior. But as he is trying to make her yield to him, he starts falling in love with her. But Geum Jan-di’s heart has already been given away to Yoon Ji-hoo, another member of F4, whose mellow character and friendliness totally captivate her. But nothing is set in stone yet, as Goo Jun-pyro starts it fight for Geum Jan-di’s heart.

So the storyline is the same as Hana Yori Dango and to be honest, I like the Japanese actors a lot more. But I do favor KimHyun-joong and Kim Bum in the Korean version. Haha ;). I am not a big fan of the two main actors, not at all actually, so therefore the drama was not very enjoyable for me. I got frustrated with hairstyles and lacking acting skills, especially from the main actress. I know this is one of the most popular damas, I am very aware of that but it wasn’t really my favorite and was glad when I finished it.

I just want to share some of my thoughts about this drama. And this might spoil the end for you if you haven’t watched it. We all know Geum Jan- di eventually hooks up with Goo Jun-pyo, but seriously: why???? They had more fights and times when they were separated in the drama, than when they were together. They were only together in 2 out 20-and-some Episodes and the rest of the time they were hideously fighting! And Goo Jun-pyo is a jerk! Would you want to be together with a guy like that? I wouldn’t… And the end drove me nuts! She is dancing with Yoon Ji-hoo, who has been her friend and has always been there for her the whole drama. She says in her thoughts: thank you, my soulmate! Girl, wake up, he is the one you should be together with! He will not get mad at you and run away angry, but he will care for you, he is your best friend! Girl, marry your best friend, so you actually have something in common with your husband and won’t be miserable, when romantic feelings cease. There will be hope to go on. That’s my opinion on that, I know nower days the trend goes away from thinking like that and it is quick decided to marry the rich and cool guy instead of the one with the warm heart. At least Korean dramas give us this picture… What can we do? I don’t want to judge too harsh, I enjoy watching them too, haha. But seriously, the Korean drama standards are not really applicable to life.

But now, our friend Yoon Ji-hoo… If he would have confessed in he the beginning, (he doesn’t confess at all so she has no clue about his feelings towards her) he would have hit home run and would have got the girl. I wish for him it get out if this miserable state of being friend zoned a million times and now watching from the sidelines into all eternity. But the pitiful thing is, that he loves his best friend but she got someone else- his other best friend. If he is not burning rubber and getting outta there he will be sad for the rest of his life.

By the way, did you guys notice, that Geum Jan-di never replied to Goo Jun-pyo’s proposal? Maybe there is still hope for our pitiful seconds lead. Haha, but no… No hope at all…

Okay, so after I vented I give this drama a 5/10- because of KimHyun-joong and Kim Bum (haha) and because it was funny sometimes. Drop a comment below how you liked this drama!


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