Drama: Oh! My Lady


Oh! My Lady is a Korean Drama that my friend suggested to me. I live in Japan and my friend helped out at a Christian Festival that reached out to those who suffered loss at the big Tsunami in 2011. He told me, that the main actor (Choi Si Won) of this Drama was attending this Festival, too and went out of his way to support Japan. That impressed me and that’s how I came about this Drama!

Oh! My lady is a Drama that focuses on character development, how to get back on your feet after a hard time in your life and the issue of age difference between two lovers. This Drama is not about a typical lovestory, that seems perfect! Here is what I mean:

The story revolves around Yoon Gae Hwa, a 35 year old, devorced housekeeper who is in desperate need of a steady income to provide for her 9 year old daughter and herself. The day she gets a full time job at a musical production agency she gets caught up with the 28 year old, immature star actor Sung Min Woo, who has a hand full issues to deal with. A young toddler was dropped off at his house with a letter, that said the girl was his daughter. Helpless and overwhelmed he hires Gae Hwa to be his baby sitter and house keeper. Living together at his house Gae Hwa and Min Woo face countless obsticales, as they are trying to hide the existence of Min Woo’s  daughter from the outside world. As the story goes on, both of them go through struggles, self confrontation and a deeper growing friendship towards each other that soon results in more than just that…

When I was watching the Drama and I got to the last 3 episodes I was kinda confused, because the two main actors didn’t seem to like each other yet. But as the end was approaching they kinda recognized that their friendship was deeper and that they truly cared for each other. And that’s something really wonderful. So often Korean Dramas show you, how a lovestory has to start and develop, but seriously: this is such a cool message. A deep friendship grows into love for each other. A wonderful lovestory. Different than the usual stuff, but I really enjoyed it!

My rating is 8/10!


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