Since I live with a lot of Americans, we celebrate Thanksgiving, too. It will be my 5th Thanksgiving all togehter since I am European we don’t celebrate it in Europe (I guess we don’t have anything to be thankful for). Just kidding, of course I know that Thanksgiving is a holiday that remembers the pilgrim’s struggle and the friendliness of the Indians in American history.

Some friends donated some turkey and ham and I am excited for the feast! I made a pasta salad already to support our gathering- yeah!!!!!!!

What else am I doing around this time? Well, school finishes up in a week, so I will teach my last class this week- bittersweet!!!! Then the Winter break kicks off and I will have tons of time to do what I have planned to do for months. I want to do more Design work, coloring, fiction writing and other creative stuff. So excited about it!

The current drama I am watching (when I have time) is the Taiwanese version of Hana kimi. I didn’t know I would get into Taiwanese dramas so much. They are happy and funny and I really enjoy it!. Looking forward to write that review sometime soon, too!

hana kimi taiwanese version


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