The 31st!


We Europeans do make a big deal out of New Year’s Eve so here in Japan I feel like it’s rather calm, even though families have their traditions, the yearly big lunch and dinner gatherings and the praying at the temples. I am celebrating with my friends and with some soba! Calmer than I am used to. Haha.


It’s all about the trash


Japan is truly a clean and organized country. Here is a method of how Japanese fold their drink cartons before they dispose them. I got that down, too. Whohooo! Feel like a nihonjin! (Japanese person). It’s sort of my hobby to fold those!

Crazy shopping tour

Shopping on Christmas Eve was not bad at all in my city, but woe to me. Why did I go out today? Packed streets, markets, stores… I even got cut in by two grannies at the cashier.



So hooked!

I am super into Doctor Who right now and the last episode I watched was intense! Love watching it! David Tennant is a great actor. I love it when he gets crazy and when he starts running, jumping and screaming!


Japanese Christmas lights






I went and watched Christmas lights yesterday. It was raining bad and I felt car sick most of the time- the drive to the hotel was long and rocked me. I got a few picks but my iPhone 4 is not the newest anymore, so a lot of them are blurry. I did like the lights though!

Looking towards 2014


I found this quote very inspiring as the new year approaches. Failures are not to be disregarded in our journey of life. We are who we are because of them. We grow and mature through them- but only if we learn from them.

My favorite Christmas songs

So it’s Christmas Day and I am making a huge ham for the first time in my life (Oh yes, I can’t believe it myself. I have no clue what I am doing…). Anyways, here in Japan Christmas is seen as a western holiday, people don’t know of its origin, Jesus’ birth or the more or less western traditions that were added to that. Therefore it’s no holiday in Japan. It’s the emperor’s birthday on the 23rd, so that a much greater deal. Haha. Well, all stores are still open, Japanese people have to work and it’s not really big here. Apart from Christmas decorations (Japanese people love to decorate). But me and my friends have a great Christmas dinner tonight (We had one yesterday night too.) For that occasion I want to share my favorite Christmas songs with you!

Here we go: Last Christmas, by Wham!

Mariah Cary: All I want for Christmas is you

Melanie Thornton: Wonderful dream

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