Manga: Ruroni Kenshin

Hey guys,
I want to start a new category, in which I want to talk about Animes and Mangas I read and like. My first pick is my favorite manga of all times: Ruroni Kenshin


Ruroni Kenshin is a Japanese Shonen Manga. Shonen is the Japanese word for Mangas for boys, mostly revolving around adventures and martial arts. I am a girl but Shonen is my favorite kind of manga. Kenshin is the manga I have read the most often and I am still fascinated with it. They released a life action movie of Ruroni Kenshin, too and I loved it!

The story: Himura Kenshin is a vagabond wandering around Japan in the Meji Era. He is a swordsman, carrying a sword with reversed blade and a deep cross-shaped scar on his cheek. His past as an assassin and patriot cannot be hidden, but his new oath of never killing again makes him the protector of the weak and needy. He meets Kamiya Kaoru, the daughter of a deceased dojo master and decides to stay with her and her friends. As the story revolves, he faces old and new enemies, his past and his wish to atone the sins he has committed.

I love this Manga! The character development is great, the story line incredible and everything else too! Even though the theme of the manga might seem dark, it is not at all. It is super funny and also deals with the question of atonement, the struggle to become stronger and also romance. 10/10 points for my favorite manga of all times.


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