My obsession #2: Fiction writing

Even though I have stopped handwritten stories long time ago, it was the time where I discovered my passion! I love being creative, I have a degree in Design and Commucation but do not presently work in that area. Design and Art are my hobbies, as well as creative writing. I recall the afternoons and late nights in my teen that I spent with my note pad, writing the wildest and funnest stories, developing my own worlds and adventures. I am not writing in English, since English is not my first language but use fiction writing as an outlet and to refesh my native vocabulary. I love writing about Sci-Fi, Martial Arts, Love and new world. My present project is ongoing since 9 years and I am obsessed with writing on it. I love imagining things, being creative in that sense and build it into word, that draw the read into a world. I am designing the word that is entirely my own to control and fathom, I am letting my characters live a life of adventures, trials, successes and wonder that will stir up the reader to be creative themselves.

The problem with book is, that we follow a story line we have no control over, it is taking us in and when it ends, we are left with an experience. But fiction writing gives you the opportunity to create yourself and to lead your story where you want it to go.



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