Another Doctor Who post…

Oh yeah, here it comes. I’m going off on Doctor Who, one of the best series I have ever watched. But it is quite sad and sentimental often and I am usually not a person who keeps on watching sad stuff- but man Russel T. Davis is one good writer! I am just blown away by Doctor Who’s story! It’s really captivating. I just finished Season 4 and David Tennant (I must admit, I am a fan) stepped down as the Doctor and let Matt Smith take over. It might take me a bit until I am adjusted to the new Doctor. Tennant is one crazy man and one of my favorite actors, so it’s kinda hard to beat him in this role. I really enjoyed Tennant’s madness. I hope Matt Smith gets a little crazier, too!

Tennant licking stuff. I love those moments when he just snaps and goes crazy!


Matt Smith, the man without Eyebrows. But they are overrated anyways…


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