Found a good spot for my sticker




My burn healing


I burned my arm the other day, right- so here is it- healing up! I’m glad!

I haven’t been watching Korean stuff or Doctor Who or anything lately cause I want to read my books and so some fiction writing. I don’t know when or what I will watch next…

Vans Sticker

My friend gave me this! Awesome! I gotta find a good spot for it!


Waiting for my next life

My friends got me into Candy crush. Now I am hooked and doomed to wait for new lives to appear before I can continue!


Aloe Vera- such a great plant!

Yes I burned myself again and this time really bad. I was taking pans out of the oven and burned my arm on the hot metal. It started hurting two days ago and I cut some aloe Vera leaves to put on the burn and it’s much better today!





Anime: One Piece



One Piece is the Anime of my Teenage Years. Oh I loved watching it and anticipated every afternoon after school when One Piece was on. I am still reading the Manga, I currently try to catch up. I haven’t really read alot of One Piece since I left Europe.

The Story: If you love Shonen Mangas (Mangas for Boys), this is a wonderful pick. In the story we follow Monkey D. Luffy on his journey across the world, gathering a Pirate crew in order to enter the wildest route in the world, the Grand Line, to find the One Piece, the treasure of the latest Pirate King and to become the new Pirate King. On the Grand Line he meets new friends and enemies and discovers new creatures and worlds while the whole crew grows together in friendship and strength.

My rating for this Anime is 10/10. It’s just one of my favorite Mangas. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must! Japan loves it and the whole world agrees!

An Ice Cream on my spider…



I was laughing at this one. I love watching Man vs Wild so I definately enjoy some good Bear Grylls jokes. I love the websites Slowrobot and Iwastesomuchtime (Oh yes, that’s the name), cause they upload many funny pictures, gifs and memes. Check it out, if you have time on your hand.

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