My addiction

Recently I started buying bitter chocolate and I love it! It’s 86% coco. So good!!!!



Fruit and salt water


I gotta admit: I didn’t dare trying it. Japan has some interesting drinks…

On my way


I dropped my friend off at the airport and found this yummy little juice to go at Lawson on my way home. Lawson is a konbini- a Japanese convenient store. There are cheaper supermarkets around but these konbini are everywhere and easy to get to. This juice was 80¥ or so. An okay price. It was good but I would have liked a bit more haha.




I started watching Gargoyles again, a show I watched when I was little.  A big throwback to my childhood, really! So wonderful to catch up on the episodes I haven’t seen. I was never able to finish the series cause my mum didn’t want me to watch it anymore- I guess she thought it was too scary.

U.F.O White Curry Yaki Soba




I found this new Yaki Soba bowl for 118¥ and I got it. It was Curry- Cheese flavor. Not bad, not bad. Only 123g though. The one I usually get with the traditional Yakisoba taste has 171g in it.

Second eye lids

You would never even think that “not having a second eyelid” would be a serious issue in anybodies life. Here in Asia it is. People even get eye surgery to get the second eyelid. If you don’t have money for that you can also buy stuff at the 100¥ store to fake a second eyelid.


While I am waiting…


Since I am enslaved by Candy Crush I am trying to find something to do while waiting for my new lives,
So I think I’ll go clean the house now and write some more posts… There has to be stuff to do to pass the time, haha.

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