Oh my…


Check this terrible picture out, that I found in the bathroom of a shopping mall. As a designer it is very hard to look at stuff like that. But gladly, they replaced it when I came back on Monday. These workers are just funny. I wouldn’t hang up a pic that’s that pixely…


Doctor Who mug




Check out my new Doctor Ho mug that was shipped from England! I love it! I ordered the 11th doctor mug for my friend! I have the 10th!

Hiddleston tearing it up



Doctor Who


I still love Doctor Who very much and this just makes me laugh, haha. It’s a reference to the Writer of the Matt Smith seasons, Steven Moffat. He is known for letting characters die. He also wrote the BBC Sherlock series


Miso soup breakfast



Check out my delicious Japanese breakfast, rice and miso soup. Miso is a bean paste and can be dissolved in water to make soup. You can boil all kinds of vegetable with it. Cabbage, daicon, tofu, spam work super good! Sometimes we crack an egg in there, too! Mhm!

Movie: Ender’s Game


I watched the Movie Ender’s game yesterday and I really liked it. This movie blew my mind and inspired me to continue my fiction writing. The movie is based on a famous 80ies novel.

The story is about a boy who gets selected to train in a special program against alien attacks. His name is Ender, he is smart, bright and chosen to be the leader of the next fleet that is to destroy the next oncoming alien attack. The world suffered under an alien invasion years ago and managed to win, but now earth is preparing young kids to do fighting. Ender is one of those. Kids that have to train their brains and bodies for the great battle. Ender struggles with fears, family heritage, the challenge of being the commander on an entire army and the burden of responsibility as he goes through the training of battle school.

So the movie was pretty cool, check it out if you have the chance!

Drinking a lot of tea

I feel like Twinings is ruining me for other teas


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