Hanging at the laundry mat



Being away from Japan for a few weeks make me miss it. And especially now as our washing machine is broken at my parents’ house, it reminds me of the countless times I have washed my clothes and waited in the Japanese laundry mat- so convenient! I remember in the week before my departure I washed a lot – even late nights. It’s so awesome to have laundry mats around


Crazy bus update

I am out of the bus!!!!!

The creepiest part was when a passenger broke the glass of the bus window with a fire distiguisher. People were banging on the windows, yelling and screaming. A few minutes after the craziness died down we saw police cars and black cars passing the bus. The bus driver starts the car again and drives us to the gate. On the way we see an airplane with an Chinese and another foreign flag a red carpet rolled out. Wow! We were locked in cus of some politician!

The security still won’t let us out. The passengers yell at the security guards and the bus driver and push their way out. I followed along. Crazy! And now I am waiting for my next flight!

Locked in a bus on the airport runway

I travel a lot. Living in Japan, it’s just a part of getting around. Europe is so narrow you just go everywhere by car. I am on my way back to Europe for vacation and fly over China. As a I am typing I am squished in a bus that will take me an my fellow travellers to the Shanghai airport building. In the plane my fierce seat neighbor almost knocked me in the face at least 5 times. His elbow was constantly on my arm. As we landed he couldn’t
get up quick enough and almost whacked me with his luggage. Yolo I thought. Not everyone makes this experience. Not everyone has the privilege of traveling so much and having those crazy stories to tell.

As I am finishing this paragraph the bus stops and the engine and lights completely turned off. A bit creeped out… Stuck with 50 Chinese people on a bus in the middle of the airplane runway area (however you want to call it). Don’t know what that bus driver is up to… He locked everyone in.
Now Chinese people are yelling and banging on windows. What an experience.

If I ever post this… I survived…

Accomplished: Infinity Blade II


I am actually not a Gamer but Infinity Blade sucked me in! I finished Infinity Blade I a few years ago and just recently I played all the way through Infinity Blade II. It was a long ride and now I am playing the third version. It’s a fun mid-evil but kinda futuristic kinda game series where you fight your way through. Since I am not a gamer I don’t really have experiences with other games. I think those who play much can make a better judgment on the plot and the graphics. I really like this series!

Doctor Who: the 10th’s last days

Wow, when I came across this episode, it made me all choked up. Seriously! I mean it was so terrible, when he lost Rose. It was a relief he had Donna- she was his friend and they had so much fun together. When she had to go, I knew he wouldn’t make it for long. Too painful were the losses he had to take. The tenth Doctor went to so much heartbreak and this scene shows it.

I was glad, that he regenerated soon after that. He was a new character, had new adventures to face and new friends to make.

Anyways, this scene is pretty painful to watch if you are super into the character!


Julian Smith’s Music awesomeness

I got into his channel lately. Check this video out! I love it!


Ender’s game- the book


Hi guys,

I am pretty busy lately so I haven’t had time to write reviews. I hope, you guys forgive me. But here is my latest obsession! After watching Ender’s Game I wanted to know more about the story so I listened to the adio book, which I really enjoyed. I just finished it a few weeks ago and now I am listening to Speaker for the dead, another book from Orson Scott Card. It plays 3000 years after Ender’s Game and it got quite interesting. So check them out if you are into Sci- Fi books. Audio books are cool if you don’t like reading that much or want to do different things while listening to it.


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