My travel diary continues

It was a good 6 weeks at home and I enjoyed spending time with family and friends even though it was sometimes very busy. I feel like the last 3 weeks prior to my flight back it Japan were just crazy. Especially this week I didn’t get a lot of sleep and had to get up early in the morning to get chores and packing done. My two suitcases are heavy! But there are some goodies in there that are worth fighting for! Haha.

While I am trying this I am sitting at the airport in Shanghai. It was a calm flight, the time flew by quick. I watched some movies, listened to some new Ed Sheran music a friend gave me recently and try to sleep. No annoyance this flight and no locking us into a bus either. I have another 6 hour layover and then I hop on to the flight to Japan.



‘Little Tokyo’ in Düsseldorf

I went to a Japantown in Germany this weekend. The biggest Japanese community in Europe is located in Düsseldorf so me and my sis we visited it to go get the European Japanese experience! It was super authentic! A bit more pricy than in Japan, of course, but yummy! I loved showing my sister around!












Movie: Divergent


A friend of mine told me about the Divergent book series which is similar to the Hunger Games genre. I wanted to read it but I didn’t have the time yet. When the movie came out I went to watch it- alone by the way, cause… You know, not going somewhere you really wanna go cause nobody tags along… ruins a lot of fun and and you miss out on a lot of awesome experiences. If I would have never ventured out alone, I would not live in Japan today, live on my own at all or have an awesome travel diary.

Anyways, I liked the movie, but I thought it was rushed at some parts and I am excited to read the books!

Mexican food in Frankfurt

I wrote about my little trip to Frankfurt, Germany in the Starbucks post below already. Me and my sister went to a Mexican restaurant there and it was legit! I had a beef burrito with potato chips and sour cream. I would write what my sister had too but I can’t spell all that stuff, haha.




Studying by Japanese

Being away from Japan for a few weeks won’t stop me in my studies. I gotta get this language down now or I will be speaking English there odor the rest of my life… No way, I wanna learn it! I’m using an app with flash cards to study! This here means: May I borrow your bike?


Starbucks in Germany

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in longer. Home is wonderful and I am meeting so many old friends, it’s incredible. But I also have time for shopping and food! Yum! I was at Starbucks in Frankfurt, Germany the other day and had an Hibiscus tea there. That was quite refreshing. Made shopping so much more relaxing. As you might know, I like tea. Usually I like sweet tea but if it comes to milk tea I like unsweetened more. But this one, even though it had no sugar in it was pretty good for an iced tea.


Stung by a fire coral in Japan



I was swimming around Easter in Japan and walked right into one of these. At first I didn’t know this was a fire choral. I thought a jelly fish had stung me. Later on I found this picture on the net and realized, that it had brushed me in the water. I swam in the East China sea and felt something burning in my foot and leg. I felt something hard, like a plant touching me. The burn was pretty painful for a few hours.

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