Audio Book: Divergent


I just finished listening Divergent from Veronica Roth. It was a good book and I am excited to listen to the other books. They recently made Divergent into a movie and I thought they could have made more out of it. The book is good, though. It shows more of Tris’ struggle in her new faction. I want to watch the movie again and see if I like the movie better now. A fun read. If you liked Hunger Games, this is just the book for you.

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Hong Kong, here I come.

I’m so stoked. I’m going to Hong Kong today to attend a conference and do some sight seeing. Exciting times! I was in Hong Kong one year ago and I loved it there. The city is big, there is so much to see and so much great food! My plane leaves in 4h. I gotta wait on watching the new Doctor who episode though…

Capaldi the 12th. Deep Breath review


So the new Doctor Who season is out! I watched the first episode today and it was a bit of a hassle, to be honest, cause people were constantly interupting me. It’s okay. I just paused and rewinded a bit to get back into the story. This is my review for Deep Breath of the new Doctor Who season with Peter Capaldi as the 12th incarnation of the Doctor. CAUTION: SPOILERS! DO NOT READ ALONG, IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE EPISODE!

The story line
The Tardis lands in the Victorian era of London, being spit out by a giant dinosaur who had swallowed the small blue box on accident. A rather confused Doctor stumbles out of the time machine, followed by Clara, who just saw her friend regenerate from a young and dashing Time Lord into an older Scottish man who keeps forgetting her name. But these are just the post- regeneration hickups the Doctor is experiencing. Midway through his adventure through London, chasing a robot that turns himself into a man by killing innocent people, he regains his former Time Lord craziness and excellency, but only after struggling with the cold, his own confusion and the new, older looking face and angry eye brows he ended up with. Clara Oswald has a hard time recognizing the Doctor she used to admire and trust, but in the end she understands, that the Doctor needs her- needs her in order to stay human, settled and controlled and that she will not give up on him, even though he seems to be a different person.

Matt Smith cameo
In the end of this episode, Writer Steven Moffat resolves the little riddle he gave us in the last episode with Matt Smith. Rigth before Matt Smith has his last scene, we see Clara walk up to the Tardis to meet him, but not before she puts the phone back into its place, that is dangling on the outside of the blue box. Deep Breath shows us a scene of the 11th Doctor, that was probably shot during the last season, for the purpose of putting it in the new season. The Matt Smith Doctor calls Clara to ask her to be patient with his new self and to stay close to this regeneration, also confessing that he needs her and that he (the 11th) misses her.
While Clara was walking towards the Tardis on Trenselaw, the 11th noticed he would regenerate and called Clara in the future while she was with his new self. A beautiful idea- since Clara is not left alone with this new and frustrating change of events. The 11th encourages her to stay and to not be scared. I liked that part a lot! Steven Moffat lives up to his reputation- always surprising us and putting in that wonderful little twist.

Peter Capaldi’s performance
I can see wonderful episodes ahead! I remember that I didn’t like Matt Smith in the first episodes cause I didn’t have the Doctor- feel with him. Capaldi IS THE DOCTOR! He has much more experience than many other actors and is brilliant in displaying comedy and emotions. I still miss David Tennant and Matt Smith but judging from these 75min of Capaldi I am convinced, he was the perfect joice to be the 12th.

This is my long and exhausting review on the episode. I am looking forward to this season and would love to hear your guys’ feedback on Deep breath.

Drama: White Collar


I don’t know if you can actually count this Tv series as a drama, but this is what I am into lately. I haven’t watched Asian dramas for quite some time. Since I got into Doctor Who and Sherlock I didn’t pick up watching Japanese or Korean dramas- which is okay. Sometimes we need a beak from things and come back later to it. Where is the fun in always staying how we are and never changing?

So anyways, I tried out watching Dexter but didn’t really like it so I stopped. Now I am into White Collar, an FBI series where a con man and swindler helps out the bureau to catch white collar criminals. The series got so intense in season 2- I can’t stop watching! I am moving slow through the episode so that’s okay. I got work to do and friends to hang out with. I don’t mind it. Let me know what you think about the series. No spoilers please!

Man & Woman flavored Ramen



Me and my friends stopped by my favorite Ramen noodle store the other day. Tondou Ramen serves Man and women flavored Ramen. Wow, that’s sounds weird, huh?

No worries, no cannibalism here. Woman-flavored Ramen (Onna aji ramen 女味) are salt broth based and taste a lot lighter than Man- flavored Ramen (otoko aji ramen 男味) which are porkbone broth based. I like the Man- flavored Ramen more so I got the lunch set that day, that came with rice and gyoza!

Cheese bread in Japan

You know what is hard to find in Japan? Good bread and good cheese, or a good cheese bread. As a European I grew up on good bread breakfasts and miss it very much here in Japan- even though I love Japanese cuisine, too!

So I made some myself for my friends and co-workers. This baking process takes 7hours all in all and my ingredients are dry yeast, salt, warm water, bread flour and time. I wish I could make this into a Doctor Who pun, haha.

We ate it for dinner and it was delicious!




Audio Book: Speaker for the dead


I finished the book last week and I loved it! Person Scott wrote this book in 1986, as a sequel to Ender’s Game, even though this was the book he had originally planned to write- wanting Ender’s game only being a prequel. Speaker for the dead shows us Ender Wigging’s life thousands of years after the alien war. Due to his constant time travel he aged less than the rest of humanity and is in his mid 30ies when this story begins. This book is about his travel to Lucitania, a Spanish colony on a planet where another alien race was discovered. When two of the colony’s scientists get murdered by the rather friendly seeming aliens he makes his way to the planet to speak their deads and to find out why they died. As a speaker for the dead he becomes the mediator between man and alien, discovers long hidden secrets of a broken and isolated family and finally has the chance to give the hive queen he was carrying for thousands of years a new home.

I loved the book, even though I like Ender’s game the best. Next I will listen to Divergent and then I want to listen to Xenocide, another book by Orson Scott about Ender Wiggins.

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