Audio Book: Speaker for the dead


I finished the book last week and I loved it! Person Scott wrote this book in 1986, as a sequel to Ender’s Game, even though this was the book he had originally planned to write- wanting Ender’s game only being a prequel. Speaker for the dead shows us Ender Wigging’s life thousands of years after the alien war. Due to his constant time travel he aged less than the rest of humanity and is in his mid 30ies when this story begins. This book is about his travel to Lucitania, a Spanish colony on a planet where another alien race was discovered. When two of the colony’s scientists get murdered by the rather friendly seeming aliens he makes his way to the planet to speak their deads and to find out why they died. As a speaker for the dead he becomes the mediator between man and alien, discovers long hidden secrets of a broken and isolated family and finally has the chance to give the hive queen he was carrying for thousands of years a new home.

I loved the book, even though I like Ender’s game the best. Next I will listen to Divergent and then I want to listen to Xenocide, another book by Orson Scott about Ender Wiggins.


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