Drama: White Collar


I don’t know if you can actually count this Tv series as a drama, but this is what I am into lately. I haven’t watched Asian dramas for quite some time. Since I got into Doctor Who and Sherlock I didn’t pick up watching Japanese or Korean dramas- which is okay. Sometimes we need a beak from things and come back later to it. Where is the fun in always staying how we are and never changing?

So anyways, I tried out watching Dexter but didn’t really like it so I stopped. Now I am into White Collar, an FBI series where a con man and swindler helps out the bureau to catch white collar criminals. The series got so intense in season 2- I can’t stop watching! I am moving slow through the episode so that’s okay. I got work to do and friends to hang out with. I don’t mind it. Let me know what you think about the series. No spoilers please!


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