Sunday lunch

Just not so sure what to get sometimes. Inarizushi and Ramen it was this week. I love Japanese food, even if it’s just store bought!




Mr Donuts and writing

My day off is a good one! I’m at a Japanese donut cafe, doing some writing. Love it!



Old vs new

IMG_9075-0.JPG More

It was Baking Soda!!!!


Trying to get rid of smell out of expensive rainbow sandals is such a hassle. Mine don’t smell bad but I want to prevent any nastiness. I read online that baking soda helps draw the smell out of rainbows- but I bought baking powder on accident- nailed it right there… I hope it turns out or I have to go buy baking soda re-try…

Audio Book: Insurgent

I’m at a library right now, studying for my class next week. So I should be studying actually. I have been watching the new Doctor Who episodes faithfully and I might start writing about them soon again. I also started listening to Insurgent, the second Divergent book. It’s okay. I heard from friends, that they stopped reading it, cause it wasn’t too exciting. I still wanna know how it continues so I’ll listen to it and let you guys know when I am done how I liked it. I really wanna read Xenocide by Orson Scott, too. So I gotta finish the Divergent series soon!

More book reviews on this series: Divergent, Allegiant


Childhood memories! I used to drink that in France when I was little all the time!!! I found it here and it tastes legit! It’s flavored water. This one is Apple!


Cramming 日本語

I’ve been studying hard lately- that’s why I couldn’t post so much. I also had to figure out my new phone plan. I got an iPhone 6, a new number and a contract that’s finally under my name. It can be hard as a foreigner to live in Japan and trying to figure out paperwork. You need an English speaker and the necessary papers etc. so stressful to figure that out. But- that’s how it is if you live in another country! There are many blessing attached to being a gaijin here! Hashtag dig the gaijin life


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