Drama: Castle


After finishing up with White Collar (I will write another post on the finale) I started the TV Show “Castle”, another crime series, produced in America. Richard ‘Rick’ Castle is a famous crime novel writer and researches for his new book series about police work and due to his good connections with the Mayor of New York is allowed to tag along with the homicide team of the NYPD, shadowing tough and pretty Detective Kate Beckett.

The story of the show is pretty fun and even though I wasn’t too impressed with the first few episodes, it’s quite fun to watch it now. In the beginning it seemed like mere single cases that wrapped up pretty easily within the episodes. But in season two it gets a lot more interesting. After White Collar (which is pretty incredible) it’s hard to top it for me. Castle is coming pretty close. It’s humorious and get’s your mind going. The episodes are 1hour long and there are 6 seasons. So there is a lot to cover in the next few months, haha.

I miss Doctor Who a bit and I am excited for the 9th season they are going to shoot next year!


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