Do not read along, if you don’t want to be spoiled for the finale of the Crime and Conman Show WHITE COLLAR! The last episode “Au Revoir” aired maybe a week ago and it’s the best ending this show could have.

Neal, an FBI criminal informant and con-man is bringing down the Pink Panthers, a group of most wanted thieves. He is also facing his freedom, either through a contract with the FBI or his last resort, flight. The viewer wants Neal Caffrey to be finally freed, to finally walk away of a lifestyle of anklet and constant supervision, but throughout the last few seasons it was made pretty clear, that Neal, as good as his intentions are, is and always will be a con-man and criminal. Once released from the FBI, we all know that it would not taken long until he is be back in jail or anklet again. His dear friendship to Agent Peter Burke, his handler at the FBI would not change it. I wanted Neal to walk free, wanted him to become an honest man, maybe even an FBI angent. But Neal was and is too deep into conning, too good at it and too passionate about his work as a forger, artist and thief.

That’s why I think the White Collar writers created the perfect ending for the Burkes and Neal. Neal fakes his own death, all his friends think he was shot by one of his nemesis. Neal therefore is free to go and do whatever he likes, live without being hunted, able to go wherever he pleases. Peter Burke is released from his responsibility to worry about Neal and to constantly walk through fire and bend the rules for him. The FBI agent is sad and stricken, yes, but in the very last seconds of the episodes he finds out that Neal is free and well, having therefore peace over how things ended and is able to commit himself fully to his family.

On top of that the ending is open. There are all possibilities for Neal to return to the Burke’s lives for a visit or to stay away forever.

I know it’s not the most happy ending for this series, but defenately the most fitting.


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