NYX makeup spotted in Japan 

My day just got better! I found NYX makeup in Fukuoka. 


IKEA breakfast 

As you might know: I live in Fukuoka and we have an IKEA here. I got the 2,99¥ breakfast. It was pretty good! Drink bar was included!

Swiss Choco

My friend gave me this. I’m sooo excited! It tastes rich and smooth!

Found Pink Lady Apple in Japan


Wow, i was so stoked and then disappointed! I bought a pink lady Apple but it didn’t taste the same as those in Europe.

But it was worth a try!

Ice cream in a Hot dog bun





Wow, this is the weirdest ice cream combo I ever had. Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce in a hot dog bun. from Ikea

Ginger Ale


Does anyone have a clue what the difference is?

Blendy sticks


Blendy is Japan’s most famous coffee brand. They make cool individual powder packs like the one in the picture (which is actually cocoa not coffee) or they make coffee filter packs in which coffee is already integrated so you can make one where ever you are.

I’m more of a tea and cocoa person so I got the hot chocolate version! Delicious with the right amount of water and a bit of milk!


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