Korean ice tea sticks 


My friend brought me these from Korea! So stoked! I love them! 


The best Fried Chicken in Fukuoka

If you ever have the chance to come around this store in Shingu Fukuoka (right by the HalloDay market), go and try one! They are just 55¥ a piece and the most delicious Fried Chicken I ever had. This Karage beats all! It’s seasoned with ginger and garlic. Really delicious!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows AUDIO BOOK

I have been listening to Harry Potter again and I am just hours away from the final battle at Hogwarts. When I listened to them the very first time, it took me 9 months. This time it just took me 5 months. Work gets busy sometimes so I cannot listen to them all the time. But I enjoyed them very much. It’s my fist time listening to them in English. I read and listens to them in German when I was younger. It’s nice to finally enjoy Harry Potter in it’s original langue!

My new Vitantonio Bottle blender

Is usually don’t buy kitchen electronics because well… I live in a dorm and we have everything we need. But it always wanted this one and I got it off of the Japanese Amazon. I love it guys! It’s a smoothie maker! I make one every day now. This one was more of a carrot-Apple mix than a smoothie

Twinings Milktea

Look what I found, guys! I’m excited to try it!

MK Shabu Shabu restaurant 

Today’s lunch was incredible! We went to a Shabu Shabu restaurant. It’s called MK and is located in Shingu, Fukuoka- right by the station. It cost about 1600¥ and was soooo worth it. Shabu Shabu is a Nabe dish. Soup is boiled in a pot and different ingredients are added, cooked and eaten. Love it!

Harry Potter Movie Night 

Hey everyone,

My back is killing me. I worked out this morning and my muscles are already sore. We watched the Borne ultimatum tonight in our dorm but now I gotta rest and chill with the 6th Harry Potter movie. I am almost done with the audio book and wanted to watch the movie again.