Audio Book: The Maze Runner


WOW! I started listening to the Maze Runner a few weeks ago and even though I was super busy with work, I made it through quick. Maybe you have seen the movie already or maybe even read the books. The movie came out last year. I saw it first and I really liked it. So I started the book.


The Audio book was a little different than the movie, but I think the concept of the book is better than the movie. I really liked it.

Here is the Story: Thomas awakes in darkness and remembers nothing about himself or his past other than his name as he arrives in a metal box in a huge maze. He is greeted by a group of boys who suffered the same fate as him. All of them were sent into this open air prison, where they have to try to survive. Life for the group centers around the glade, where the boys work, farm, live and stay. A big maze surrounds this glade, that certain runners explore every day to find an exit. At night the massive stone walls close off the Maze to protect the boys from the hideous creatures that live and hunt in the Maze: the grievers. Thomas feels the urge to join this group of runners to figure out why he was sent here and how he can escape this nightmare. A day after Thomas’ arrival however a girl is sent to the glade in the box, holding a note saying that she will be the last one ever. From this point on the maze turns into an even bigger nightmare and drives every last one of the boys to fight or to die.

Check this book out if you like books like the Hunger Games. I would include Divergent in that but I really didn’t like the series and the Mazerunner series seems to be so much better- I’m listening to the second book Scortch Trials now and I love it!


Vein popped…

I wash trying to wash clothes… And a vein popped in the back of my hand. Hurt quite a bit. Day 1 to 3!


Walk the Moon


My new favorite Band! Dance- Indie- Rock! I found them today and have been listening to them all day!

Audio Book: Allegiant


SPOILERS! Do not continue reading if you haven’t read this book or don’t want the surprise ruined.

I finally finished Allegiant, the third book in the Divergent series and I am quite pleased with how it ended. Many dislike the ending, but I think it’s refreshing to have it take another course than the usual books of that sort. The story is quite interesting, in comparison to book two, which was dragging a bit. The protagonists leave the seculded city to discover life outside its boundries and find, that they lived in a government experiment that tries to grow genetic pure people out of the citizens of the city. The inhabitants of “Chicago” have been watched and controlled all of their lives. Tris and Tobias, along with some of their friends learn about the purity war, that launched many experiments like theirs and how big the rest of the world actually is.

In the compound that controls Chicago, they find out that Divergents are actually genetically pure people that supress the genetically damaged people. Tris and Tobias engage in a rebellion against the Divergents, that want to wipe the memories of all Chicago ciry members in order to start the experiment again.

The book ends with Tris giving her life as she saves the operation and Tobias and her friends surviving an being left behind. The last pages of the novel deal with Tobias grieving over her death and the restoration of the society in Chicago. I liked the ending, because Tris’ character was written so that she would always take the risk, always making it through it with luck. It can’t always be that way. She was written in a way that she got out of tense situations mostly unharmed and Tobias being mad at her for her recklessness. Her giving her life for her brother and for the mission was a good ending, which kind of redeemed her annoying and immature character for me.

Let me know, what you guys think!

More book reviews of the series: Divergent, Insurgent

Rough times

You guys, the week has been crazy! Literally! I am so busy, I am tired and the work doesn’t seem to end. I was able to get a full 7h of sleep last night, I am so glad! I am on a tight schedule right now and get up at 5 in the morning to prepare for work. That’s why I didn’t have time to post much recently. I will though. No worries. One week and I will be able to post again!

Japanese Doctors

Going to the doctors as a Gaijin in Japan can be a challenge. Even if the Doctor himself speaks English, staff and Physical thearpists usually don’t.

I have to go to an orthopaedic clinc (Do you write it like that????) once a week now, for physical therapy. I have a spine condition and had to let myself be checked out. Well the doctor there speaks really good English, but is really straight forward- not very Japanese. I used to go to a Japanese doctor who seemed scared of me. This guy is forward, almost like Germans. He says what he thinks. He analyzed my x-rays and told me to go get Physical therapy.

I come back a few days later and the doc gives me insoles, but not before ranting on my VANS and asking me why I don’t wear sneakers (Duh, because ugly!!!!!). Then he rips out the sole of my VANS to put in his insoles. Minor aggression going on inside of me, right there.

Tells me, to come back next week, while he gives me back my VANS insoles. Yeah, be basically destroyed my favorite pair of shoes. No problem.