Japanese Doctors

Going to the doctors as a Gaijin in Japan can be a challenge. Even if the Doctor himself speaks English, staff and Physical thearpists usually don’t.

I have to go to an orthopaedic clinc (Do you write it like that????) once a week now, for physical therapy. I have a spine condition and had to let myself be checked out. Well the doctor there speaks really good English, but is really straight forward- not very Japanese. I used to go to a Japanese doctor who seemed scared of me. This guy is forward, almost like Germans. He says what he thinks. He analyzed my x-rays and told me to go get Physical therapy.

I come back a few days later and the doc gives me insoles, but not before ranting on my VANS and asking me why I don’t wear sneakers (Duh, because ugly!!!!!). Then he rips out the sole of my VANS to put in his insoles. Minor aggression going on inside of me, right there.

Tells me, to come back next week, while he gives me back my VANS insoles. Yeah, be basically destroyed my favorite pair of shoes. No problem.


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  1. brightoneagle
    Apr 12, 2015 @ 20:58:04

    I’ve experienced some problems re doctors’ poor English skills in Japan as well. In fact I broke my toe a couple of weeks ago, but decided not to go to the doctors – I just couldn’t be bothered to go through the hassle. I think I really need to improve my Japanese skills – if for nothing else, for going to the doctors or the dentist :)


    • vansotaku
      May 01, 2015 @ 12:01:04

      I agree. I gotta do that too: but I have a friend who is fluent in Japanese but still wants to go to English speaking doctors. Medicine vocab is hard


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