Tea with granny

My gran invited me over for tea. It was great to catch up!



New book finds 

I was shopping today and founds some books that look quite interesting- especially the 7th son book. Any of you know about these two novels? How are they?


Arizona Ice Tea


I’m back in Europe for a short while to visit family. And I enjoy finding my favorite ice tea which is actually an American sweet tea. We don’t have it in Japan so I am happy to have it again!

Audio Book: The Scorch Trials


The Scorch Trials was a phenomial book! It is the second book of the Maze Runner series and it is as good, if not even better than the first book. I enjoyed listening to it very much. If you like Hunger Games like books, this is a series you need to check out!

Here is the story: The gladers escaped the deathly maze. Only 20 out of 50 boys survived but the peace doesn’t last long. As they were rescued and brought to safety Thomas and his friends soon find out that the creators of the Maze arranged everything to go into the second part of the experiment, the Scorch trials. The boys now must travel through a blazing hot desert, trying to survive heat, assassins, crazy zombie-like people and finding out little by little that nobody can be trusted. They meet new friends and foes and face challenges that take the lives of many and need all the courage the boys have in order to survive. 

Great book! I am listening to the 3rd book in the series now: The Death Cure  

My favorite Air refresher


Maybe this is a weird thing to post but I found this a local store and I love the scent: I usually dislike strong flowery room sprays but this one is awesome!!!!