When a Chinese lady yells at you: Do not worry!!!

I don’t know what marked the high of my day. When I got to the airport and got bumped up to Business class on my flight back to Japan or when a Chinese lady literally screamed at me: Do not worry! I booked you a flight!

Well backing up a bit; I travel back to Japan today and arrive to a packed airport. The guy at the counter tells me he can’t get an isle seat for me because the plane is maxed out but advises me to ask at the gate if one is available. The gate counter dude really wants to help me. It seems like his honor and life depends on it to please me. Pretty cool. He moves me to business class.

I have a marvelous flight! I don’t really know how to act in all this luxury. I actually can choose my food and put down my seat to a bed. I am so thankful that they bumped me up because I feel sick today. I live off of painkillers and bathroom runs. Middle seat in Economy class would have been a nightmare.

I arrive at Shanghai and want to look for my flight to Fukuoka. But the flight is cancelled! If you want service at a Chinese airport, hang in there! They make you sit and wait while they scream and yell at each other. It feels like eternity until the lady and the counter rebooks my flight and gets my luggage stuff figured out. She walks up to me and says really firmly, which sounds like yelling: Do Not Worry, Miss. I rebooked your flight.

I was pretty chill. I don’t think I looked worried. I know they figure it out. They can’t let me stand at the gate all day. I gotta go somewhere, right?

I am watching Jupiter ascending now on my iPad and wait for my flight to leave. I haven’t slept in 24 hours and won’t be for another 12 at least. When I get to Japan it will take a while until I get home. Not looking forward to the long day ahead of me.


Christina Aguilera Parfum 


My Sisters gave this to me for my birthday, I love it! It smells so good!

Primark Ps Love Eau de toilette


I found this Eau the toilette at Primark. I love the scent. It was only a few Euro. There were other scents but this one was the best. I don’t think it lasts a long time. The few times I always wore it, it wore off pretty quickly. It’s sad when you have a good scent and it doesn’t last. But this one is just an Eau the toilette and not a parfum. So all’ good! 

Primark Haul

Ii love Primark. Sadly I can only go once a year when I am back in Europe. I went a few days ago and it was really chilled. Usually it’s super full, crowded and the waiting line for the changing rooms are insane. I am on a budget that’s why I couldn’t go crazy. Which is probably good. 


Coffee and rest

I gotta confess: I’m not a big coffee drinker. I stay away from it mainly because I don’t like the taste and I don’t want it to become a regular part of my life. There are too many things I’m kinda addicted to and coffee shouldn’t start being one of them, haha. 

But the other day I had the whole house to myself, was able to do some laundry, hang it outside and sit with a good book in our guarded and chill. My parents have this good coffee maker so I tried making a latte. It was pretty good!


Go big or… “A crazy BBQ”


Look at this huge pig the men got for their church BBQ. I’m used to pig stuff since I live in Okinawa and they heartily serve you pig ears and intestine soup. Seeing this big old pig head without eyes was not as shocking as I expected it to be. This beast roasted for 6 hours.

I’m leaving for Japan in a week and enjoy my last week home. I wasn’t able to try this pig but my dad said it was delicious!

Going to the Movies: Jurassic World


I went to the movies the other day. I was looking forward to see Jurassic world for months. It was good. I liked it. I heard that many weren’t too impressed with it but I didn’t expect anything huge like LOTR or Avatar. It’s Jurassic park! There a tons of previous movies about it. It’s hard to come up with something new. I mean the theme is always the same: dinosaurs kill people. People run away. 

I personally think they did a good job with the movie. It’s entertaining! Was about time to give us another Jurrasic movie!

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