A hot Okinawian day

Okinawa is hot you guys! So humid, I wanna die! How do the locals live in this climate???? Well, the wind makes it a bit more bearable… But boy, it’s pretty here!   


Japanese Takoyaki

I made Japanwaw octopus balls with my friends the other day and they were delicious. we put little steak meat pieces in a few of them, too. Not very Japanese but very yum!

TV series: Parks & Recreation 

Oh my goodness! This show is so funny! I don’t even know why I started watching… Probably because I saw so many funny memes on Pinterest and Slow Robot about it. 

Parks & Rec is a comedy show about a character named Leslie Knope, the Deputy director of the Parks & Recreation department of Pawnee, a small community in Indiana (The place is fictional). She loves her city and her department and has great zeal for her work. Leslie and her colleagues encounter different project, challenges and characters during the 7 seasons of the show and brighten up your day with their priceless humor.

I am still at season 4 but and I will be very sad when I finish the last season. The episodes are short, so they don’t take up too much of your time. I love the fun, the humor and the caracters of the show. Makes my day every time to see them interact.

Movie Review: Jurrasic world

Have you guys seen the new Jurrasic World movie yet with Chris Pratt? It is coming out here in Japan soon but I already saw it in Germany. I went in twice. Once by myself because I thought nobody wanted to come with me and then again on my birthday because I wanted to see it again and my sister and my friend wanted to see it too.

It is not the greatest movie ever made (I mean there are three prequels to it…), but for a reboot of a movie series, it is pretty good. Chris Pratt is doing a good acting job and the new attractions in the park area amazing. The story with the raptors that Pratt’s character Owen kind of tamed is awesome, too. I enjoyed watching the movie very much.

How did you guys like it?

New Japanese Drink: Lightning water 

This is the most interesting drink I have seen in quite some time. This is lightning water and according to the description on the box, it gives you energy. Meiji has fun ways to name their drinks.

The Purikura lie

Purikura Boxes are Japanese photo booths. Check this picture out! It makes white people look like Barbies. The Japanese beauty ideal is everything a European doesn’t want to be: pale! We added the stars and the bow ties. But the rest comes from the machine!

Starbucks at a Japanese convenient store

It’s been a rough week and I treated myself to a Starbucks when it was finally over. The drink was alright, pretty strong. I like caramel and I have never gotten any of the Starbucks drinks you can find at Famima because they are 250¥. So I picked this one as a little reward. I’m glad I finally got one of these Starbucks coffees- I always see them but usually never get them.  


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