What every country really needs: Milk tea 

Seriouly? How can milk tea just be an Asian thing? It’s sooooo good. I had Milk tea in Hong Kong- wow! From another world!!!!! Asians are truly the masters of tea!
My favorite Japanese brand is the Lipton one. The regular Milk tea is great and I even found Banana Milk tea in Kagoshima. But I’m not a big fan of Banana flavored milk. Sorry, my Korean fans! I know, it’s big in Kakoku!

But when I dropped off one of my students at the airport I found Royal tea latte with mint at the Family mart there. And that is literally the BEST Milk tea I ever had. I’m not a fan of mint at all but the taste is so subtle that it even completements the taste of the milk tea!

A friend told me a few weeks ago that the difference between Milk tea and Royal milk tea is that they boil the milk with the tea when making Royal. Normal milk tea us the milk added later. Wow, didn’t know that!

Long story short: loved it! Wish I had it here in Okinawa!


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  1. theepowerofgood
    Aug 28, 2015 @ 16:24:40

    My problem in Viet Nam is I can’t get just regular milk. It is either hyper-pasteurized or sweetened.


    • vansotaku
      Aug 28, 2015 @ 16:26:16

      What? Really? Wow, what a bummer. Hyper-pasteurized milk is being sold in Germany too. I usually drink that but we don’t have have it here in Japan.


  2. goldendiamond
    Aug 28, 2015 @ 23:13:15

    I thought I’d leave a comment to agree and say how much I love Japan’s drink selection. Then I got distracted reading the comments and thought I’d add that yep you can get bubble tea here (you’re in Japan too?), mostly in bigger malls or shopping ginzas. It’s sooooo good!


    • vansotaku
      Aug 28, 2015 @ 23:17:59

      Yes, I live on Okinawa! Where do you live?


      • goldendiamond
        Aug 28, 2015 @ 23:24:05

        I’ve lived on Shikoku for the past two years! It’s not as remote as Okinawa, but it’s off the main islands, a flight or ferry ride away. I’ve been hanging to go to Okinawa, I’m Australian and I miss the ocean, but typhoons keep cropping up and flights get cancelled… I’ll visit there eventually.

      • vansotaku
        Aug 28, 2015 @ 23:28:24

        Yeah the summer season is quite packed with typhoons. Okinawa is usually the first island to be hit by one. It’s great to meet others who live in Japan. Hope u can make it to Okinawa!!!

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