Audio Book: The Kill Order

I just finished The Kill Order by James Dashner. You might have heard about the Maze Runner series they are making into movies right now. I read the first three books already and watched the movie The Maze Runner which were really good. I put links to the reviews on them below! I haven’t written one for The Death Cure. I will write it soon and edit this post!

The Kill Order is the prequel to the series and describes how the sun flares harmed the earth and how the flare virus got released. Protagonist Mark and his love interest Trina get caught in a sub station when the radioactive sun flares hit the earth and destroy most of the surface. He finds himself with a group of survivors and travels around to escape the heat and death of the catastrophy. When a deadly virus is released, him and his friends fight against insanity and violence that creep into the minds of the infected and soon make many of their companions their victims. It is not long before Mark himself finds him exposed to the threatening virus that seems to take everything from him he ever loved.

Honestly speaking: the books was alright. I was eager to finish it just to get it over with. It cannot keep up with the first three books, which were amazing but it is nice to get a prequel that describes how everything started!

Books Reviews: The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure


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