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For the slow days…

This made my day a bit brighter. I loved the scene in Parks & Rec and chuckled a bit when I found this on Instagram. Maybe it brightens up your day, too! Don’t give up!!!!

Delicious Garlic Yakisoba

Check out my Yakisoba (Japanese for fried soba noodles) I made the other day. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, German grill seasoning and garlic. The garlic was dominant in the taste so I called it Garlic Yakisoba. The beef gave off a very nice meaty taste, which the Moyashi (bean sprouts) and noodles gladly absorbed.

Let me know, if you want to see more dishes like that! Here is the price list for the ingredients (in Okinawa things are slightly more expensive). I shopped at Kanehide!

2x 400grams Soba = 200¥

1x Beef chopped= 300¥ (including Tax)

1x bag Moyashi bean sprouts= 30¥

1x Negi (Green onions)= 25¥ (because half off)

———> 550¥


The last piece in Japan

Just to let you know: this is not staged! Japanese really always do leave leftovers. Often just the last piece, out of politeness to others. Everyone thinks: Someone else might want it. 

Yes, that’s basically the reason why you always have 1 or 2 pieces leftovers for every dish you served at a potluck or party. 

I love my Japan! 

Doctor Who Review: Captain Jack Harkness in Season 9????

Mhm, I know people have been liking the new season. I do, too. But it still can’t keep up with the prior seasons, I think. The woman who lived is the second part of The girl who died and shows us what becomes of Ashieldr, the hybrid girl that lives forever. It’s cool, that they followed up with it and basically set up a new opponent for the Doctor. But come on, Moffat… Where was the excitement? The threatening monster? The Catguy wasn’t scary at all!!!!! I remember the episodes with the 11th where him and the Ponds were trapped in the Hotel or the Doll house, the storyline with the crack and the Pandoraca. Those episodes were amazing! The woman who lived was rather weak compared to that. Come on, Moffat! 

 I also feel like they just throw references to past characters in to excite the fans, not really because they want to follow up with it. The Doctor mentions Captain Jack Harkness when he is talking to Ashieldr about living forever.

So my opinion is that the episode wasn’t really what I expected, a bit weak for my taste. 

What do you guys think?

Why do we feel insecure?

Walking along, I find myself passing various cars that stand in line to wait for the light to turn green. I go by a small truck. A man leans out and smilies. He turns his head toward his friend, who is driving and looks back at me- laughing this time. Immediately this wrenching feeling of embarrassment grasps me. Thoughts run through my head, memories of when I was growing up, of bullies that used to laugh at me. Is it the way I’m dressed? Is it, because I am a foreigner? To be honest: you can’t really miss me. Especially not in Japan. Why does this man I dont even know make me feel so insecure, almost threatened? He was just sitting in a car and laughed… At me though…

Gestures can mean a lot. His gesture was not just a smile or a laugh, it was the mockery in his laugh that caused me to feel bad. 

I went to a book store to get my mind off of it. But when I left the store I was wondering, why this guy affected my mood so much. Maybe he wasn’t mocking me. Maybe he was just having a good day and he doesn’t know how to smile politely.

Insecurities are always about ourselves. About how we think about ourselves- what we would want to be, what we hate about us. If someone else is confirming us in our insecurities we immediately accept it as true- as a flaw that makes us less worth than others. Why is what I think about myself defined by this culture and its standards of beauty and elegance? By someone else driving by? Have we gotten so conformed to the Zeitgeist of this world and age, that we allow a complete stranger to ruin our confidence, happiness and to basically ruin a wonderful day off of work?

Sorry that this is not like the usual posts, but I just wanted to share my feelings about today. If you feel the same, be encouraged that you are so much more worth than what he or she (whoever they are) makes you think you are.

I know that because as a Christian I take strength in God’s love for me. Even if I don’t like who I am and want to change and even if I am insecure, I am loved. and so are you.

But to be honest, guys like that dude today will still show up and will make fun of me or cause trouble. That’s how people are and it won’t change. But I can change my attitude about it, right?

~~ Lisa ~~

Smallville: Clark & Lex

So I have recently started watching Smallville and I really like it. I heard the show drops a bit in season 6 but I am still in season 3 and I really like it.

I think the writing is very good and real. Even though the story stays in Smallville right now, it still progresses. Clark is the hero, but not without flaws, same with the other characters on the show.

What gets me, is how Clark is constantly lying to protect his secret. And I get it: he needs to do it, in order to stay hidden. Lex and him are supposedly best friends and you see them come to each other’s aid and worry about each other. But they deceive each other in almost every episode. They are not open with each other and lie so often! Maybe that will be the reason for them to become arch enemies one day. 

The dynamic makes the show very interesting though, so I am excited to see how it progresses.

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