Getting quite cold on this tropical island

Wow, Okinawa is getting cold. Here I am in my sweater the first time in 5 months. The wind is chilly and the temperature finally low enough to wear jeans and shoes.   



The 5 Thanksgiving fails of a European

Okay so Thanksgiving is almost over. At last the one we celebrated today here in Okinawa. I know, right now Americans all over the world get ready for their super awesome feast. We also had super yummy Turkey, Ham and many other great sides at our celebration.

But what would a great holiday be without fails?

1. No clue

As a European I have no clue how this holiday works. Or how you prepare a turkey, or how to cut one. I basically failed in the American kitchen struggle. Oops. Gotta educate myself more.

2. Breaking the wishbone

I committed the greatest of Thanksgiving sins. As I was clumsily cutting the bird I found but broke the wishbone and ruined the “ceremony”. 

3. Overstuffed 

I ate so much I don’t know how to function anymore. Ahhhh, I always do this! It was hard to breathe or stand at a point. 

5. Cut on a ladle

I thought cleanup would be something I could be good at. Apparently not. I cut myself on a cheap ladle. On a ladle! Who cuts his finger on a ladle? I do apparently…

 Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Share with me your personal Thanksgiving fails!


Beans & Roasters Morning Coffee

What a long morning. Luckily this Cafe Latte is helping me through the day. We woke up at 5:30 to screams this morning in our dorm. A girl found a baby mouse right in front of her bed. I went ahead and killed it and threw it out. Our sleep was restless after that, of course. The girls wanted to stay up and talk about it but I made them go to bed for the sake of those who go back to sleep. 

How was your morning?

Don’t you guys like group projects?

I found this online this morning and it made me chuckle. I’m out of school for 3 years now but group projects never end and sometimes you just gotta take the leadership, otherwise nothing gets done. I especially remember that from times at the technical college in Germany. #germanworkforce

Korean BBQ Yakiniku


Your own BBQ! Have you ever heard of Korean Barbeque? It is super famous in Japan and is called Yakiniku(焼肉 literally means fried meat). We went to the Banbohe Yakiniku (pronounced Banbosh) restaurant the other day and had a good time. You can choose different kinds of meats and vegetables and fry them yourself. The restaurant also offers a good selection of sweets, drinks, salads and sides. If you ever come to Okinawa, make a trip to Try Yakiniku or Banbohe Yakiniku. They are a lot cheaper than many of the mainland Yakinikus. About 1080¥ for 90 minutes of all you can fry and eat buffet. 

About generosity 

I found this the other day on pinterest and really liked it!

Fami Cafe Coffee saves the day

I know I have been posting a lot of coffee posts but the days are fast and busy and I am tired!!! I didn’t have much sleep lay night and coffee saved my morning. I have a class this afternoon and a busy night and really crave some of that Fami Iced Latte I had the other. I went to a Japanese convenient store named Family Mart. The coffees you can make at their machines are out of this world! Check this one out. It’s a Iced Latte with Caramel for ¥180. If you get smaller cups the prizes are pretty nice. A fresh small coffee costs ¥100!


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