Kaldi’s Coffee *Mild Kaldi* Roast

 I’m back with the posts! I hope you guys are doing well and you got a good start into 2016! 

Let me introduce you to my new coffee blend: Mild Kaldi from the import store Kaldi’s Coffee Farm. If you live in Japan, like Coffee or crave the goods from your home country, this store is probably one of you favorites. I bought coffee there the other day for first time. They were serving this blend (Mild Kaldi) at the entrance of the store. I liked it so I went ahead and got a 200g bag. It cost about 450¥. I make Hario pour overs with it and add milk and caramel syrup. Yummy! 


TV Series: Flash

As I am watching Arrow, I got introduced to the Flash which has multiple crossovers with Arrow

The show is so good. I like it as much as Arrow. The main character Barry Allen is struck by lightning after a laboratory accident and goes into a nine month coma. He wakes up to a whole set of new abilities. Speed, high metabolism and the ability to heal quickly. Berry now lives a double life as CSI investigator and superhero, called the Streak or later on the Flash. 

If you like shows like Smallville or Arrow, check this one out to. It’s definately worth a watch.

A great find at a thrift store: Shopaholic takes Manhatten

 I went to a Japanese thrift store the other day and found this for 50¥. It’s the second book in the Shopaholic series. I already started the book! It’s so good! 

CT Ice Coffee from Kaldi’s Coffee

January!!! It’s actually cold today but my friend brought some iced coffee and I had to try it. It’s for restaurant use so it’s already sweetened. You can find it at Kaldi’s coffee farm for 200¥ if you would like to try it. It’s so good! One of the best ones I had so far. I put some milk in it. Mhmmmm!

Tv Series: Arrow

After watching Smallville I am now officially hooked on Superhero shows. I feel like I dove into DC without really considering how many good shows there are out there about super heroes that can get you hooked. Arrow is definately one of them. I just started it and it’s very entertaining. I’m excited to see how to the show evolves.

Arrow tells the story of Oliver Queen, a rich playboy, who after stranding on an uncharted island for 5 years, returns home as a changed man. Skilled in fighting and archery he now lives a double live as the returned son and heir of his family’s fortune and as a green hooded vigilante who avenges the wrongs done by white collar criminals in his city.

Star Wars VI in Japan

Japan is usually behind on releasing American movies but not with Star Wars. I went the other night and watched it with my friends. It was in English with Japanese subs. I really liked the movie! It was simple but it was good.


So many speculate who Rey really is and I gotta agree with those that go away from what was obviously hinted in the movie. I don’t think she is Luke’s daughter. It think there is some kind of twist in the next movie. I feel like Po (the pilot) could be Luke’s son. He is the best pilot in the resistance (like Anakin and Luke) and he owns a droid (like Anakin and Luke). And he didn’t die when the plane crashed. When he reappeared I was like: hey, wait a second, he didn’t die in the crash and is still in the movie?
Back to Rey: She could be Kailo Ren’s twin sister. Han and Lea do have twins in another version of Star Wars (I think it was a comic) and Twins run in the family. What do you guys think? 

A friend of mine said it’s basically clear, who Finn is. Lando’s son. I don’t know Lando’s story well and I am so so about it.

Have you seen the movie? Do you like it? 

Akemashite omedetou!

You guys! It’s 2016! Akemashite omedetou! Happy new year! I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a experience a great January 1st!