Star Wars VI in Japan

Japan is usually behind on releasing American movies but not with Star Wars. I went the other night and watched it with my friends. It was in English with Japanese subs. I really liked the movie! It was simple but it was good.


So many speculate who Rey really is and I gotta agree with those that go away from what was obviously hinted in the movie. I don’t think she is Luke’s daughter. It think there is some kind of twist in the next movie. I feel like Po (the pilot) could be Luke’s son. He is the best pilot in the resistance (like Anakin and Luke) and he owns a droid (like Anakin and Luke). And he didn’t die when the plane crashed. When he reappeared I was like: hey, wait a second, he didn’t die in the crash and is still in the movie?
Back to Rey: She could be Kailo Ren’s twin sister. Han and Lea do have twins in another version of Star Wars (I think it was a comic) and Twins run in the family. What do you guys think? 

A friend of mine said it’s basically clear, who Finn is. Lando’s son. I don’t know Lando’s story well and I am so so about it.

Have you seen the movie? Do you like it? 


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