Pocari Sweat- my savior in times of heat 

When I first saw this bottle 7 years ago on my first visit to Japan I was thinking: why would anyone call his drink sweat? 

Well, here I am, laughing now. This drink saved my health a couple of times. Okinawa is hot and you sweat a lot. And sometimes water is just not enough. I know plenty of visitors who just get dehydrated by the weather here and the unexpected heat and just water can’t replenish their electrolytes. One of my friends couldn’t get well. She felt tired and exhausted. She even couldn’t keep in food and threw up regularly. 

This drink, as well as Aquarius, helped her get back to her normal help. She drank it and felt so much better. Food stayed down (gross, sorry!) and was her normal self again. I guess it’s like Powerade or another vitamin drink and I really helps when you feel dehydrated. 

I often drink it when I’m sick with fever or after sports. If you live in Japan or even Korea try it out! It will help you lots if you feel exhausted and need a bit more than water.