Kanji practice





One of my friends is licensed to teach the art of Kanji calligraphy. It’s a cool art and super relaxing. I wrote Ajisai, which is my favorite flower!


New Years Kakisome

One of my friends tried his best to write “tsukaeru”, the Kanii for “to serve.” We were trying to guess what Kanji he was drawing. Check it out, it’s pretty cool. This is a New Year’s tradition in Japan. Those New Year’s Kanjis show what you hope for and expect in the new year.

Art: Coloring


Another Naruto sketch I colored in Photoshop some time ago.

Art: Drawing and Coloring


Boy, this picture is so old! I don’t know- at least 5 years! I love drawing and coloring and it is a joy to create something on paper and make it come alive on PC! This girl is a character from one of my ficiton stories. I love writing, too!

Art: Coloring

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne


This is one of my earlier things when I just started coloring and when I just figured out how to use Photoshop! I really like this one! I was into the manga “Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne” and so I scanned a page of the comic and colored it in Photoshop. I think this one is about 8 years old or so… Wow! Unbelievable that I am into art that long!!!!

Art: Pencil style #5

Those arms were hard! But I loved drawing this sketch and it took me about 10 min! I like her hair!!!

Art: Coloring


I love coloring! Boy, as soon as I am over my current design project for work, I will start coloring again! I use photoshop and I learned coloring through watching LOTS of anmie and reading a book called “How to color for comics” (See picture below). This Naruto sketch is not from me. I got it off the internet. But I colored it myself!


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