The Japanese Carbonara Spagetti

Look at this beauty! I wanted to go for a pasta dish the other day when I met up for lunch with my friends at Joyfull. The Joyfull chain restaurants serve a whole lot of deliciousness and this was my first Carbonara Spagetti outside of Europe. It was quite good and the egg on top was quite different from what I am used to.


A Ramen Stadium

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. I was trying to get over my sickness. I’m still a bit ill but hopefully getting better soon. Meanwhile: here is an article I published on the blog Taiken about the Ramen Stadium in Fukuoka. I hope you like Ramen, I wrote lots and lots about it!

The Ramen Stadium in Fukuoka

Kaldi’s Coffee *Mild Kaldi* Roast

 I’m back with the posts! I hope you guys are doing well and you got a good start into 2016! 

Let me introduce you to my new coffee blend: Mild Kaldi from the import store Kaldi’s Coffee Farm. If you live in Japan, like Coffee or crave the goods from your home country, this store is probably one of you favorites. I bought coffee there the other day for first time. They were serving this blend (Mild Kaldi) at the entrance of the store. I liked it so I went ahead and got a 200g bag. It cost about 450¥. I make Hario pour overs with it and add milk and caramel syrup. Yummy! 

CT Ice Coffee from Kaldi’s Coffee

January!!! It’s actually cold today but my friend brought some iced coffee and I had to try it. It’s for restaurant use so it’s already sweetened. You can find it at Kaldi’s coffee farm for 200¥ if you would like to try it. It’s so good! One of the best ones I had so far. I put some milk in it. Mhmmmm!

An early Christmas present: A Soda Stream

Okay so with the Yankee candle another present arrived for us. A Soda Stream. You guys, a Soda Stream!!! I am so excited! Carbonated water is so expensive here (3-4 times more expedience than in Germany) and I used to live off of this stuff! I miss carbonated water (fizzy water, club soda… However you want to call it) so much! And now I can have strong club soda whenever I want!

“Oldtimers”- the best Dutch licorice 

 My parents sent me this for Christmas! My favorite Dutch licorice. It’s super strong and flavorful. This will bring me through many weeks here in Japan where I don’t have access to European goods.

Have you ever tried licorice? Do you like it?

300¥ Curry lunch at ‘Pocket Money’

Do you like Japaneaw curry? It yes, this is the place for you. Okinawa has its own curry restaurant chain named Pocket Money. You can pay with your pocket change for the dishes, means you will get a lot for small money. 

Yesterday Pocket money celebrated 5 years of business and served Indo curry for 300¥.  It was so good! 



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