Japan’s Mc Donald’s | Iced Coffees

 Japan’s McDonald’s are known for being good study places. I went on Monday, my day off, to enjoy a good writing session there. And I saw that they started to sell yummy looking iced coffees.

They came also in Mocca and Caramel flavor (M-size was 290¥, the iced coffee with without flavor was 210¥ for an M-size). I got the caramel one and really liked it because the M-size was as large as a normal drink’s L-size and the coffee was not too sweet. 

When I go to Starbucks I feel guilty because the drinks are really sugary and expensive, too. I can hardly enjoy Starbucks without looking at the price or calories of my drink. 

If you live in Asia or Europe and have access to a McCafe or if your McDonald’s are as nice as in Japn, you might really start preferring it over your usual Starbucks runs! 


Leo and his Oscar 

No more Leo-wants-an-Oscar-joke. I’m sure you guys have heard he won his first one after being nominated 6 times. The Revenant brought him to his goal: An Oscar for Best Actor.

Congratulations, Leo! You deserve it!

Don’t you guys like group projects?

I found this online this morning and it made me chuckle. I’m out of school for 3 years now but group projects never end and sometimes you just gotta take the leadership, otherwise nothing gets done. I especially remember that from times at the technical college in Germany. #germanworkforce

Advent calendars at “Kaldi’s Coffee”


For the slow days…

This made my day a bit brighter. I loved the scene in Parks & Rec and chuckled a bit when I found this on Instagram. Maybe it brightens up your day, too! Don’t give up!!!!

Whovian sign


So true!

Starbucks on my day off


I don’t get too many days off so when I actually have time to go shopping and explore I like to take starbucks along. On Monday I got a English Breakfast Latte. It was so good! I wish Starbucks was more reasonable!

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