My first Butter Beer

I visited the Warner Brothers Studios in London and joined the Harry Potter Tour. Here I had my first Butter Beer and I enjoyed it very much, even though the taste is not really my thing. It’s like very sweet but watered down Ginger Ale with Whip Cream on top.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows AUDIO BOOK

I have been listening to Harry Potter again and I am just hours away from the final battle at Hogwarts. When I listened to them the very first time, it took me 9 months. This time it just took me 5 months. Work gets busy sometimes so I cannot listen to them all the time. But I enjoyed them very much. It’s my fist time listening to them in English. I read and listens to them in German when I was younger. It’s nice to finally enjoy Harry Potter in it’s original langue!

Harry Potter Movie Night 

Hey everyone,

My back is killing me. I worked out this morning and my muscles are already sore. We watched the Borne ultimatum tonight in our dorm but now I gotta rest and chill with the 6th Harry Potter movie. I am almost done with the audio book and wanted to watch the movie again. 

Christmas in Japan


Christmas is not a big deal here in Japan, nobody has off, nobody really celebrates it. A good thing is that the stores are not as crowded a week before Christmas and even though it’s not celebrated, stores, parks and houses are decorated christmassy. So you get Christmas without all the shopping stress I might say. After a while the 10 most popular Christmas songs which are played in every store and establishment drive you nuts and you can’t wait until it’s finally January. I do celebrate Christmas with my friends since we are from different cultures and since we are Christians.

But I am super busy lately and hadn’t had time to relax. So I was multitasking last night watching Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets and wrapping gifts for my friends. I actually did really well… I’m not the best at wrapping presents so I’m quite content with the outcome. I even lawns how to tie bows so they look nice and not all junky!!!

Rotten Egg Jelly bean


I tried the Bertie Bott’s Rotten Egg Jelly Bean yesterday and it was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten in my entire life, I’m not exaggerating! The taste still haunts me- gross! But “you life only once”- right? ;)

Harry Potter


I’m so scared to try these! Look at the flavors!

Harry Potter and Doctor Who


Found it on the net, love it!

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