Christmas on a tropical island

Check out this article about Christmas on Okinawa, if you are thinking about a little winter trip to Japan or if you are interested in what there is to do on a tropical island in December.


A free Japanese class in Okinawa

Hi everyone! 

Check out this Blog post about improving your life and integration into the community though learning the language! It’s so vital to be a part of what’s going on around you through learning Japanese when living in Japan. 

A night at a resort for 50 bucks…

Okinawa is the Hawaii of Japan. I love living here and one of the winters I was able to hang out at a super fancy hotel for only 50$. I was so stoked. My friend found a deal for the Okuma Beach Resort hotel online. I wrote about this cool hotel stay in my Okuma Resort Review on Taiken. Check it out if you like.

Okinawan Folklore | The Ryukyu Kingdom’s kings…


Hi guys,

have you heard of the ancient folklores revolving around the Ryukyu kings of Okinawa? Here is an article I wrote, about the ancient stories revolving around the Goddess that came down to Ryukyu and was forced to marry…

It’s  on, a Japanese/English travelblog. Check it out.


The Japanese Carbonara Spagetti

Look at this beauty! I wanted to go for a pasta dish the other day when I met up for lunch with my friends at Joyfull. The Joyfull chain restaurants serve a whole lot of deliciousness and this was my first Carbonara Spagetti outside of Europe. It was quite good and the egg on top was quite different from what I am used to.

One of those days | Redbull

I’m so tired today. Luckily Japan sells Redbull here so I grabbed one at a Konbini to get my adternoon’s work done! 

Shinjikinin Kanpo | Chinese natural cold meds 

 I just got over a major cold and a friend of mine gave me this medicine when I was at my worst. It tasted a bit nasty but it helped so much! It’s a Chinese medicine called Shinjikinin. The Japanese sell it in their drug stores. It’s lighter than the usual cold medicine which usually knocks you out. With Shinjikinin you can work and function well during the day but you feel a relief from the cold symptoms.

A few days ago I suffered from allergies, partially from the weather and also from nuts I had eaten a day before. My nose was runny and my throat itched. I didn’t have time to run to th drug store to get meds against allergies so I took Shinjikinin. I was a bit desperate. But it helped against my allergies, too! I was impressed.

Another advantage is, that you hardly feel side effects like sleepiness or a dry throat. The medicine, my friend told me, is like Kanpo, Chinese natural medicine without chemicals. Instead it uses caffeine and such to make you feel better. You can take it against a cold, fever, headache, runny nosy, throat ache and such. If you live in Japan or China, try it! It works so well!

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