Anime: One Piece



One Piece is the Anime of my Teenage Years. Oh I loved watching it and anticipated every afternoon after school when One Piece was on. I am still reading the Manga, I currently try to catch up. I haven’t really read alot of One Piece since I left Europe.

The Story: If you love Shonen Mangas (Mangas for Boys), this is a wonderful pick. In the story we follow Monkey D. Luffy on his journey across the world, gathering a Pirate crew in order to enter the wildest route in the world, the Grand Line, to find the One Piece, the treasure of the latest Pirate King and to become the new Pirate King. On the Grand Line he meets new friends and enemies and discovers new creatures and worlds while the whole crew grows together in friendship and strength.

My rating for this Anime is 10/10. It’s just one of my favorite Mangas. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must! Japan loves it and the whole world agrees!


My new awesome cup

A friend of mine left this cup at work and moved so I just went ahead and claimed it for myself. It’s a One Piece cup, the character is Trafalgar.Law, one of the seven warlords of the sea!



Manga: Bleach


Here it comes, another Manga Post- about one of my favorite comics of all time. Bleach is a Japanese Manga and was created by Kubo Tite. The fact that if you type in Bleach on google pictures not the cleaner or the chemical appears but references to this manga, shows how popluar Bleach is. And how AWESOME! It a Martial Arts Shonen, my favorite kind of Manga! 

The story: Bleach follows the adventures of High schooler Ichigo Kurosaki who obtains the powers of a Shinigami. Shinigami reap the souls of Hollows, which consume other human souls to become stronger and help them to find their way to Soul Society, the spiritual world outside of the realm of the earth. Ichigo’s struggle to become stronger and to meet his enemies to win, as well as his friendships and his mysterious heritage guide the reader on a fantastic and captivating journey through different worlds.

Bleach is incredible! I love reading every bit of it. If you don’t know Bleach but like Dragonball, give if a shot! It is definately worth it! My rating: 10/10!

Manga: Buso Renkin

Buso Renkin is another Manga from the Mangaka of Ruroni Kenshin- Nobuhiro Watsuki. It was a good read after falling in love with Watsukis drawing style. It’s a rather short martial arts, alchemist Manga. I came to like it very much!

The Story: Muto Kazuki finds himself in a rather strange situation. He was quite sure that he was attacked and killed by a giant monster, but he finds himself waking up in his dorm, alive and well. He remembers clearly trying to save a girl from a mysterious creature and then loosing his life. Soon he finds out, that this was no illusion or dream. He did die and was resurrected by the girl named: Tsumura Tokiko who placed an alchemistic device in his chest to revive him and to activate a supernatural power in him. This device forms a weapon called Buso Renkin, a giant lance, with which Kazuki is able to destroy those monsters called homunculus that are invading the earth.

This Shonen Manga was a good read, check it out if you like Martial Arts, Adventure, Shonen and Bleach-like Mangas.

My rating for this Manga is 8/10.

Manga & Anime: Dragonball



Dragonball is the greatest Martial Arts Shonen Manga and Anime ever released! Akira Toriyama did an incredible work with this series. It is loved by so many and one of the longest and funnest stories ever. I love Dragonball, I grew up with it and watched it probably a million times.

The story: Author Akira Toriyama tells the story of a boy named Goku whose ultimate goal it is to become stronger and to find the Dragonballs who will grant you a wish, as soon as you have collected all 7 of them. On his journies he meets new friends, enemies, challenges and is devoted to the pursuit of true strength. We follow him from his childhood all the way to adulthood, into death and resurrection. As the story revolves Goku discovers his true heritage and his secret power of transforming into a giant ape and the allmighty super sayan.

The story and Gokus development throughout the books and episodes is incredible. Goku’s struggle to become stronger and mightiger every season is something we can all relate to in some area of our lives. If you like Martial Arts and adventures, this is the Anime to watch!

My rating for this Anime/ Manga is 10/10!

Manga: Ruroni Kenshin

Hey guys,
I want to start a new category, in which I want to talk about Animes and Mangas I read and like. My first pick is my favorite manga of all times: Ruroni Kenshin


Ruroni Kenshin is a Japanese Shonen Manga. Shonen is the Japanese word for Mangas for boys, mostly revolving around adventures and martial arts. I am a girl but Shonen is my favorite kind of manga. Kenshin is the manga I have read the most often and I am still fascinated with it. They released a life action movie of Ruroni Kenshin, too and I loved it!

The story: Himura Kenshin is a vagabond wandering around Japan in the Meji Era. He is a swordsman, carrying a sword with reversed blade and a deep cross-shaped scar on his cheek. His past as an assassin and patriot cannot be hidden, but his new oath of never killing again makes him the protector of the weak and needy. He meets Kamiya Kaoru, the daughter of a deceased dojo master and decides to stay with her and her friends. As the story revolves, he faces old and new enemies, his past and his wish to atone the sins he has committed.

I love this Manga! The character development is great, the story line incredible and everything else too! Even though the theme of the manga might seem dark, it is not at all. It is super funny and also deals with the question of atonement, the struggle to become stronger and also romance. 10/10 points for my favorite manga of all times.